Wind Power Alternative Energy Source

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286 pages , SBS Publishers , 2012-02-01
CONTENTS: Wind Harvest: Prospects & Problems; Wind Power; Whose Wind? : Prospects for Cooperative & Community Wind Development on the US Upper Great Plains; Wind Energy: Issues to Consider; Wind Power Today; Whither Wind? ; Wind Energy: A Promising Future; A Review of NDT Techniques for Wind Turbines; Offshore Wind Power on the Hor...[Read More]

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Northern Power Systems WindPACT Drive Train Alternative Design Study Report April 12, 2001 to January 31, 2005

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404 pages , 2004
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Wind Partnerships for Advanced Component Technologies (WindPACT) project seeks to advance wind turbine technology by exploring innovative concepts in drivetrain design. A team led by Northern Power Systems (Northern) of Waitsfield, Vermont, was chosen to perform this work. Conducted under subcontract YCX-1-30209-02...[Read More]

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Wind Power for Home & Business Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond

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413 pages , 1993
A comprehensive guide to using wind to power private houses and small businesses and farms. Describes and illustrates the wide range of systems now commercially available; suggests criteria for citing; includes equations for figuring out the power potential of various sizes in various conditions; an

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Wind Power Workshop Building Your Own Wind Turbine

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196 pages , 2011-01-01
The book shows you how to construct aerodynamic efficient wind turbine blades using wood, match and connect the blades to a generator, build mechanical controls to direct and ensure the safety and efficiency of the blades and erect the turbine safely using a guyed tower. Wind Power Workshop helps you understand wind turbine technology without assuming prio...[Read More]

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