The Lexicon of Sustainability | The Story of an Egg | PBS

Published in: youtube > PBS > Sustainability | Published on 06/Apr/2021 01:36

Can learning the meaning of a single term actually help change the food system? David Evans and Alexis Koefoed think so. These poultry farmers explain the ...

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Cities Rise to the Challenge – Sustainable Mobility

Published in: youtube > WWF International > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 23:45

The transportation of people and goods is one of the greatest challenges facing cities today, as it is responsible for over a third of global carbon dioxide ...

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Beyond Sustainable Architecture | Davis Richardson | TEDxUTAustin

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 21:16

Climate change and energy scarcity are both inhuman problems. These issues are monoliths, transcending cultures and generations, and it's unclear what ...

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What is sustainable urban development?

Published in: youtube > Oxford University Department for Continuing Education > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 20:19

Staff and students discuss the Sustainable Urban Development Programme at Oxford, and how it transforms the ways in which urban spaces are engaged with ...

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Published in: youtube > Sustainably Vegan > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 17:47

Many of these are simple and easy low waste swaps that will help you on your low impact journey. They run from beginner to advanced sustainable tips so there ...

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2020 Walmart Sustainability Milestone Summit

Published in: youtube > Walmart > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 13:43

Live streamed Sept. 22 at 12 p.m. Eastern 0:00 - Walmart Anthem Video 1:43 - Doug McMillon's 2020 Regeneration Speech 15:27 - Latriece Watkins Opening ...

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Explore Sustainability at Expo 2020

Published in: youtube > Expo 2020 Dubai > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 13:41

Follow us on: ----------------------- Facebook | Instagram | Twitter ...

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Published in: youtube > MOHIT SHARMA CLASSES > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 13:02

PAPER_1 #17SDG #SUSTAINABLE_DEVELOPMENT_GOALS #PAPER_1_2020 #UGC_NET #peopleandenvironment ...

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10 promising ideas to reuse packaging | Circular economy examples Sustainability

Published in: youtube > Sustainability Illustrated > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 12:59

In this whiteboard animation, I present 10 inspiring ideas to reuse packaging and avoid single-use packaging based on the research and book by the Ellen ...

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Is Australia Sustainable? A 2019 Review

Published in: youtube > Suburban Jitters > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 12:49

Is Australia Sustainable? We take a look at one of the most in-depth sustainability reports of 2019 published by the United Nations. Feedback is greatly ...

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This Restaurant Makes Sustainability Cool

Published in: youtube > Munchies > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 12:01

Brooklyn bar and restaurant Hunky Dory is determined to function efficiently. Owner Claire Sprouse, who previously tackled issues like water conservation while ...

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Sustainable Design in SolidWorks Sustainability Demo

Published in: youtube > SOLIDWORKS > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 11:31

Reduce the impact of your designs with environmental assessment tools and sustainable design techniques found in SolidWorks Sustainability. Learn how to ...

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