The Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment in China

Published in: Google Books > Inversion extranjera - China > Environment care | Published on 05/Oct/2020 11:02

20 pages , World Bank Publications , 1997

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Egypt, Energy and the Environment Critical Sustainability Perspectives

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental sustainability | Published on 03/Aug/2020 11:49

339 pages , Adonis & Abbey Pub Limited , 2009
Pure environmentalism and pure resource exploitation can be integrated together to form an encompassing sustainability solution. This is the main message of this book based on an innovative "structure-concentration-incentives" methodology applied to Egypt. This methodology provides a basis for achieving environmental sustaina...[Read More]

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Nigeria: Oil pollution in the Niger Delta | Global 3000

Published in: youtube > DW News > pollution | Published on 12/May/2020 00:29

Nigeria is one of the countries with the largest reserves of crude oil worldwide. About 80 percent of the country's income comes from the export of oil and natural ...

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Concrete Recycling Research and Practice

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > recycling | Published on 13/Apr/2020 20:16

636 pages , CRC Press , 2019-03-04
The concrete industry consumes thirty billion tons of aggregate annually, almost all from non-renewable natural sources. Demolition produces a growing amount of materials which are legally usable and readily available. If not used locally they must be transported and landfilled. Also, demolition generally takes place close to new constr...[Read More]

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1 - Nora Bateson - An Ecology of Mind - 7th CPH Open Dialogue Meeting

Published in: youtube > PoetDox > Ecology | Published on 30/Mar/2020 19:24

With Danish subtitles. Nora Bateson is speaking here at the 7th Annual Open Dialogue Meeting at the National Museum in Copenhagen. In this first part, Nora ...

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Canada's environmental issues

Published in: youtube > Louai Iskandar > environmental issues | Published on 10/Mar/2020 03:34

hi, guys this is my first video. i hope u like it.

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Ecosystem | Biosphere | What is the BIOTIC PUMP of Ecosystem

Published in: youtube > ISO Training Institute > Earth biosphere | Published on 10/Feb/2020 20:39

Tutorial on Ecosystem | Biosphere | What is the BIOTIC PUMP of Ecosystem.

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"The Future of the Planet: Climate Change & Environmental Protection"

Published in: youtube > Bowdoin College > Environmental protection | Published on 19/Nov/2019 01:27

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy gave the annual Arnold D. Kates Lecture, on Oct. 25, 2019. Her talk served as the keynote for the annual President's ...

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Walmart hosts car seat recycling event

Published in: youtube > 23 ABC News | KERO > recycling | Published on 23/Sep/2019 17:55

If you're thinking about throwing away that old car seat stop right there. Walmart will be holding its inaugural car seat recycling event.

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Das Sterben der anderen , Tanja Busse

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology,Environment,Agriculture > Sustainability | Published on 22/Apr/2019 06:12

Natursch?tzer schlagen Alarm: Sie haben beobachtet, dass die Zahl der Insekten in den letzten 27 Jahren um mehr als 75 Prozent abgenommen hat. Nicht nur die Bienen sind in Gefahr, sondern viele andere Insekten, die vor wenigen Jahren noch als weit verbreitet galten. Und mit den Insekten sterben die V?gel.

In den letzten Jahrzehnten sind vor allem die Spez...[Read More]

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Patient Power The Free-enterprise Alternative to Clinton's Health Plan

Published in: Google Books > Medical > alternative power | Published on 24/Jan/2019 00:19

134 pages , Cato Institute , 1994
A popular explanation of how tax-free medical savings accounts would work. Strippable.

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Different Animal Habitats (where animals live) - HD footage for Kids

Published in: youtube > Learning Hub Academy > ecology for kids | Published on 05/Nov/2018 03:47

This HD animal video shows you different animals habitats. This is collection of footages of different habitats around the world showing their characteristics.

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