The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Revised Edition , Alex Epstein

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Revised and updated--a contrarian cost-benefit analysis that will make you rethink your ideas about fossil fuels.

For decades, environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet. Yet at the same time, by every measure of human well-being, from life expectancy to clean water to ...[Read More]

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The UK has declared a 'climate emergency' and pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050. So how do we get there? Drawing on actions, policies and technologies already emerging around the world, Chris Goodall sets out the ways to achieve this. His proposals include:

-Building a huge over-capacity of wind and solar energy, storing the excess as hydrogen. [Read More]

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2004 New and Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development, Evora, Portugal, 28 June-1 July 2004

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381 pages , World Scientific , 2007
New and renewable energy systems will play an important role in the sustainable development of a future energy strategy. Recent development in this field has proved that the virtual energy system including new and renewable energy sources is feasible. The promotion of renewable sources of energy is a high priority, for security and div...[Read More]

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Produzieren wir statt ?koenergie die nachhaltigste Naturzerst?rung?

?ber die Schattenseiten der Energiewende zu sprechen gilt als politisch nicht korrekt. Aber soll man deshalb dar?ber schweigen? Tatsache ist: Die ?bereilt und planlos in Szene gesetzte Energiewende hat einen ungeheuren Wildwuchs an Windr?dern und Solaranlagen hervorgebracht und droht sich...[Read More]

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Renewable Energy in the Global Context

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250 pages , Concept Publishing Company , 2008
With special reference to India.

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