Visions of America Photographing Democracy

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301 pages , Visions of America Llc , 2009
Presents a photographic chronicle of the peoples, places, and events that form the modern United States, focusing on America's shared heritage and hopes for the future despite the many nationalities of the country's citizens.

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Today On The Bay Recap 1/14/18

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Today on the Bay is a channel that follows the humorous Capt Russell and his wife Laryssa on their boat across Santa Monica Bay. Each trip out photographs wildlife they encounter (dolphin,...

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Golfech, c'est beau un village prospère à l'ombre d'une centrale nucléaire , Stéphane Ternoise

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J'étais passé avant l'an 2000, à Golfech (banlieue d'Agen, ). J'en garde le souvenir d'une rue principale triste, aux volets fermés, avec de nombreux panneaux "à vendre".
J'y suis retourné le 3 mai 2012 dans le but de présenter cette commune, sa centrale.
Quelle métamorphose ! De la verdure, de beaux trottoirs. Un complex...[Read More]

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American power

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144 pages , Steidl / Edition7L , 2009-08-01
In American Power, Mitch Epstein investigates notions of power, both electrical and political: who has it, what do they do with it and how does it affect other people? From 2003 to 2005, Epstein traveled across the United States to photograph in and around sites where fossil fuel, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar and other a...[Read More]

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