Why China Stopped Buying U.S. Recycling

Published in: youtube > CNBC > recycling | Published on 20/Sep/2021 08:52

In 2018, China banned the import of most of the world's recycling. Now, Chinese companies are investing in recycling facilities in the U.S. Chinese paper ...

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Meet Tulio, a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) student from Brazil

Published in: youtube > University of Newcastle, Australia > environmental engineering | Published on 12/Jul/2021 09:19

Tulio, a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) student from Brazil talks about his experience studying at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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Make flower pots from toilet paper and pans - Recycle pans make unique flower pots - Building design

Published in: youtube > Cement Craft Ideas > recycling | Published on 10/May/2021 09:49

Thanks for watching , subscribe & share ! ? Subscribe to channel : https://goo.gl/c7N6qf.

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The Encyclopedia of Applied Geology

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 16/Mar/2021 00:11

644 pages , Springer , 1984-07-31
The Encyclopedia of Applied Geology is an international compendium of engineering geology topics prepared by experts from many countries. The volume contains more than eighty main entries in alphabetical order, dealing with hydrology, rock structure monitoring and soil mechanics in addition to engineering geology. Special topics focus on...[Read More]

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Disaster Management - Environment and Ecology | Crack UPSC CSE/IAS

Published in: youtube > Let's Crack UPSC CSE > environmental education | Published on 08/Mar/2021 18:13

Disaster Management in India will be discussed by Dr. G.L. Sharma as a part of Environment and Ecology for UPSC CSE/IAS. Dr. GL Sharma and more top ...

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NCERT Chapter 4 Alternative Center of Power | Class 12 Pol Sci | New Syllabus | Part-2 |Epaathshaala

Published in: youtube > Epaathshaala > alternative power | Published on 21/Sep/2020 16:05

Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitGjiaWpmEixyIDH6ZVZ1w/join Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein aapse class 12 ...

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Library System Book Catalog

Published in: Google Books > Environmental protection > Environmental protection | Published on 10/Feb/2020 11:39

Includes the monographic collection of the 28 libraries comprising the Library System of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Driven to Discover: Can we find alternative energy sources?

Published in: youtube > University of Minnesota > alternative power | Published on 03/Feb/2020 06:51

The University of Minnesota launched its advertising campaign "Driven to Discover" in September. This first-of-its-kind commercial is very unique in that it is ...

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Delhi Air Pollution - Behind the News

Published in: youtube > Behind the News > pollution | Published on 02/Sep/2019 20:31

Imagine if your school had to close because the air outside was too polluted to breathe. That's what happened in India's capital New Delhi recently. Students and ...

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La pollution plastique MaP#26

Published in: youtube > Le Réveilleur > pollution | Published on 16/Oct/2018 02:01

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne ! Pensez à vous abonner ! Vous pouvez me suivre sur Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/le.reveilleur Ou sur Twitter: ...

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ISO 14001 Standards Environmental Management System

Published in: youtube > iso9001store > environmental management | Published on 01/Aug/2018 10:23

http://www.e-wia.com Global Warming! What can be done? Can ISO 14001 Standards -- Environmental Management System Help?? One of the front page headlines in the Monday, June 13, 2005 edition...

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Bioengineering Aspects in the Design of Gas Exchangers Comparative Evolutionary, Morphological, Functional, and Molecular Perspectives

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 27/Jul/2018 15:43

329 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2011-06-24
This book encapsulates over three decades of the author’s work on comparative functional respiratory morphology. It provides insights into the mechanism(s) by which respiratory means and processes originated and advanced to their modern states. Pertinent cross-disciplinary details and facts have been integ...[Read More]

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