Waste Plastic (Polythene bag) Recycling Plant In Nagpur

Published in: youtube > sunil daharwal > recycling | Published on 19/Mar/2019 09:39

Sunil Daharwal AMIT PLASTIC Nagpur Maharashtra, India. +91-9372434821 daharwalsunil@gmail.com.

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UNM students, staff petition school to use more renewable energy

Published in: youtube > KRQE > renewable energy | Published on 10/Dec/2018 07:13

UNM students, staff petition school to use more renewable energy - Source: ...

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Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future

Published in: youtube > The Daily Conversation > renewable energy | Published on 17/Aug/2018 04:46

These are ten most promising alternative energy sources of tomorrow. It's a really exciting time to be alive. We have a front row seat to the only known ...

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Limp Bizkit - Pollution HQ

Published in: youtube > MRKRAA32 > pollution | Published on 04/Aug/2018 19:43

Artist : Limp Bizkit Album : Three Dollar Bill Y'all Song : Pollution Its High Quality ( HQ )

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Published in: youtube > newsguardeditor > ecology for kid | Published on 29/Jul/2018 04:27

110 members of Taft High 7-12 spent much of April 4 exploring the Salmon River Estuary during a hand-on learning day.

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Efficient Strategy to Support Renewable Energy Integration in Overall Climate and Energy Security Policies

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > green energy | Published on 21/Jul/2018 06:13

87 pages , Nordic Council of Ministers , 2013-05-01
This report reviews how the Nordic countries can develop a strategy for renewable energy that delivers efficiently on the two underlying policy objectives of climate change and energy security challenges. The overarching elements in the evaluation of existing polices and the policy recommendations that follows from the ...[Read More]

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California Passes Sneaky ‘Green’ Measure That Will Decimate Its Economy By 2024

Published in: youtube > TODAY NEWS > renewable energy | Published on 16/Jul/2018 09:46

Time and again we see California work against common sense and judgement. Its radically liberal lawmakers seem to be trying to destroy the state. Maybe they are. Because we can't figure out...

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Civil and Environmental Engineering Courses

Published in: youtube > Griffith University > environmental engineering | Published on 13/Jul/2018 01:23

Many of the buildings and physical infrastructures in our modern society are made possible by civil engineers. Civil engineers provide a major contribution to society by supporting the design...

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Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences Graduates of 2014

Published in: youtube > Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences > environmental science | Published on 01/Jul/2018 21:39

The Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences prepares students to enter the workforce prepared to solve real-world problems. Here are just a sample of our 2014 graduates.

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Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Environmental Site Management

Published in: youtube > USGS > environmental management | Published on 10/Jun/2018 16:53

Borehole nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is an emerging geophysical method being applied to hydrogeology investigations. NMR is a quantitative geophysical method that can be used to make in...

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Sustainable Design Introduction

Published in: youtube > Tom Greenwood > Sustainability | Published on 08/Jun/2018 12:46

An introduction to sustainable design by designer and entrepreneur Tom Greenwood. The presentation was originally produced for a design lecture at Aston University. Visit www.espdesign.org...

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Engaging People in Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Sustainability | Published on 29/May/2018 10:19

137 pages , IUCN , 2004
The book is based on the exchange of professional experiences which featured in an IUCN CEC workshop in August 2002. Practitioners from around the world shared their models of good practice and explored the challenges involved in engaging people in sustainability. The difficulties facing practitioners vary between country and context but some chal...[Read More]

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