The Herne's Egg Manuscript Materials

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Environment care | Published on 21/Dec/2020 20:05

205 pages , 1993
Presents the photographed pages of W. B. Yeats' handwritten draft of his play The Herne's Egg. Text includes a typeset transcription of each page, complete with markings denoting the many words and phrases Yeats' crossed out in his revisions. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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T. S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Environment care | Published on 21/Dec/2020 06:13

308 pages , CUP Archive , 1995
Julius's critically acclaimed study (looking both at the detail of Eliot's deployment of anti-Semitic discourse and at the role it played in his greater literary undertaking) has provoked a reassessment of Eliot's work among poets, scholars, critics and readers, which will invigorate debate for some time to come.

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Fueling Culture , Imre Szeman, Jennifer Wenzel & Patricia Yaeger

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Politics & Current Events,Fiction & Literature,Literary Criticism,Life Sciences > green energy | Published on 31/Mar/2020 17:30

How has our relation to energy changed over time? What differences do particular energy sources make to human values, politics, and imagination? How have transitions from one energy source to another--from wood to coal, or from oil to solar to whatever comes next--transformed culture and society? What are the implications of uneven access to energy in the past, pres...[Read More]

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Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Earth biosphere | Published on 18/Feb/2020 01:08

272 pages , Bloomsbury Publishing USA , 2014-07-31
Leading feminist scholars and activists as well as new voices introduce and explore themes central to contemporary ecofeminism. Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth first offers an historical, grounding overview that situates ecofeminist theory and activism and provides a timeline for impo...[Read More]

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You Feel So Mortal Essays on the Body

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > environmental science | Published on 28/Oct/2019 07:59

224 pages , University of Chicago Press , 2014-03-19
Feet, bras, autopsies, hair—Peggy Shinner takes an honest, unflinching look at all of them in You Feel So Mortal, a collection of searing and witty essays about the body: her own body, female and Jewish; those of her parents, the bodies she came from; and the collective body, with all its historical, social, and poli...[Read More]

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Dark Ecology , Timothy Morton

Published in: itune > Philosophy,Books,Nonfiction,Science & Nature,Nature,Fiction & Literature,Literary Criticism > Sustainability | Published on 22/Apr/2019 05:12

Timothy Morton argues that ecological awareness in the present Anthropocene era takes the form of a strange loop or M?bius strip, twisted to have only one side. Deckard travels this oedipal path in Blade Runner (1982) when he learns that he might be the enemy he has been ordered to pursue. Ecological awareness takes this shape because ecological phenomena hav...[Read More]

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Recycling the Cycle The City of Chester and Its Whitsun Plays

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > recycling | Published on 18/Feb/2019 22:27

281 pages , University of Toronto Press , 1998
David Mills has produced a detailed study of the city of Chester Whitsun Plays in their local, physical, social, political, cultural, and religious context.

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Redesigning Achilles "recycling" the Epic Cycle in the "Little Iliad" : (Ovid, Metamorphoses 12.1-13.622)

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > recycling | Published on 12/Aug/2018 02:31

304 pages , Walter de Gruyter , 2007
Biographical note: Sophia Papaioannou, The National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

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Stories in a New Skin Approaches to Inuit Literature

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Environment care | Published on 06/Aug/2018 00:55

200 pages , Univ. of Manitoba Press , 2012-12-15
In an age where southern power-holders look north and see only vacant polar landscapes, isolated communities, and exploitable resources, it is important to note that the Inuit homeland encompasses extensive philosophical, political, and literary traditions. Stories in a New Skin is a seminal text that explores these Arctic...[Read More]

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Wild Things Children's Culture and Ecocriticism

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > ecology for kids | Published on 20/Jul/2018 01:35

308 pages , Wayne State University Press , 2004
The first book-length study of the relationship between children's literature and ecocriticism.

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Ecology and the Literature of the British Left The Red and the Green

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Ecology | Published on 03/Jul/2018 07:37

280 pages , Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. , 2012-10-28
Premised on the belief that a social and an ecological agenda are compatible, this collection offers readings in the ecology of left and radical writing from the Romantic period to the present. While early ecocriticism tended to elide the bitter divisions within and between societies, recent practitioners of ecofeminism, ...[Read More]

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Autobiography in Early Modern England

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > recycling | Published on 02/Jul/2018 06:26

222 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2010-08-05
Explores life-writing forms - almanacs, financial accounts, commonplace books and parish registers - which emerged during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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