AP Environmental Science: 8.1 Sources of Pollution

Published in: youtube > Advanced Placement > environmental science | Published on 24/Jan/2021 17:56

Environmental Science: 8.1 Sources of Pollution covers how to identify differences between point and nonpoint sources of pollution. AP exams in 2020 will be ...

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What teeth can teach us about the evolution of the human species

Whether we realize it or not, we carry in our mouths the legacy of our evolution. Our teeth are like living fossils that can be studied and compared to those of our ancestors to teach us how we became human. In Evolution's Bite, noted paleoanthropologist Peter Ungar brings toge...[Read More]

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Pharmaceuticals in the Environment Sources, Fate, Effects and Risks

Published in: Google Books > Science > Environment care | Published on 17/Aug/2020 11:00

521 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2008-10-10
Following the success of the first edition, this pioneering study of pharmaceuticals in the environment has been updated and greatly extended. It includes the status of research on pharmaceuticals in soil, with attention to terrestrial and aquatic environments as well as new substance categories such as tetracyli...[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > 5-Minute Crafts PLAY > Environment care | Published on 14/Apr/2020 02:44

TASTY AND SIMPLE FOOD RECIPES Sometimes we want to eat something delicious but at the same time we don't wanna go through all the trouble of cooking ...

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Gypsum Recycling (Plasterboard/Drywall/Wallboard Recycling)

Published in: youtube > Gypsum Recycling International > recycling | Published on 28/Oct/2019 05:54

Video of gypsum recycling operation, from collection of the waste to the recycling and production of recycled gypsum and use of the same by the plasterboard ...

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Environmental Sustainability Goal #1 Buildings and Land Use

Published in: youtube > CityofPhoenixAZ > environmental sustainability | Published on 16/Sep/2019 06:48

Becoming a Carbon Neutral City: After an extensive community consultation process the Phoenix City Council adopted the 2050 Environmental Sustainability ...

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Practical Taxidermy , Montagu Browne

Published in: itune > Sports & Outdoors,Books,Professional & Technical,Science & Nature,Nature,Ecology,Outdoors > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 15:23

Practical Taxidermy - A Manual of Instruction In Collecting, Preserving, And Setting up Natural History Specimens of All Kinds, With Accitional Instructions In Modelling And Artistic Taxidermy. By Montague Browne, F.S.Z. This comprehensive manual on early taxidermy was published in London in 1884, and is much sought after by modern taxidermists for its wealth of det...[Read More]

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Environment and Ecology for Kids | Weather, Water and Heat Quiz Book for Kids | Children's Questions & Answer Game Books

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 11/Mar/2019 10:44

64 pages , Speedy Publishing LLC , 2017-12-01
Did you know that the question and answer method is ideal for all learning situations? It doesn’t matter if your child is a slow-learner or a fast-learner. Game books strip down knowledge into their most basic forms, so a child will only need to focus on terminologies and their descriptions. Encourage your child to think an...[Read More]

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Four domains of Earth - Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere

Published in: youtube > DeltaStep > Earth biosphere | Published on 18/Feb/2019 18:27

Create your personal learning account. Register for FREE at http://www.deltastep.com DeltaStep is a social initiative by graduates of IIM-Ahmedabad, ...

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Macdonald Student-run Ecological Gardens - MSEG

Published in: facebook > page > Environment care | Published on 01/Aug/2018 20:09

Growing sustainable food & thoughtful farmers since 2009

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[Dubstep] - Stephen Walking - Light Pollution [Monstercat Release]

Published in: youtube > Monstercat: Uncaged > pollution | Published on 22/Jul/2018 02:57

Album Cover Prints for 002 Available Now! - http://monster.cat/Prints002 --- Subscribe to MonstercatMedia for nothing but the newest original releases from your favourite artists! Download...

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Human Geography - Environmentalism | Prof. Majid Husain | Geography | UPSC | NeoStencil

Published in: youtube > Live Online Coaching for IAS, IES/GATE, SSC - by India's Top Teachers > environmental issues | Published on 13/Jul/2018 04:44

Human Geography - Environmentalism - Prof. Majid Husain Human Geography for UPSC Mains 2018 The course covers complete syllabus for Human Geography. Each class starts with Map discussion...

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