The Ecology of Flourishing

Published in: youtube > 8th Street Church Media > ecology for kids | Published on 17/Aug/2020 12:13

Sunday, May 17th, 11am & 5pm Sixth Sunday of Easter Sermon: Philippians 3.12-16 Offering: While we are not passing baskets, you can continue your regular ...

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Filipinos look at alternative means to tackle possible power crisis

Published in: youtube > CGTN America > alternative power | Published on 25/Nov/2019 22:12

Filipinos may suffer daily power outages if the government does not act fast enough to solve a looming energy crisis. The length of the outages could range from ...

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Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Part 10: Metaphysics of the Treeline , Arne Naess

Published in: itune > Nonfiction, > Environment care | Published on 31/Dec/2018 15:32

? ? 1998 New Dimensions Foundation 1998-10-01T07:00:00Z USA
Arne Naess, known as "the father of Deep Ecology," lived above the tree line near the Arctic Circle in Norway. Well into his eighties, he still carried his own firewood and water to a simple stone cabin that he built himself. Here he describes the joy and richness of his satisfying, simple lifestyle.

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Global Environmental Governance A Reform Agenda

Published in: Google Books > Environmental economics > environmental management | Published on 17/Aug/2018 19:30

114 pages , International Institute for Sustainable Development = Institut international du développement durable , 2006

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Environment Research Talks 2017 | Maggie Cascadden | 3MT

Published in: youtube > SFU ENV > environmental management | Published on 15/Aug/2018 13:15

Resource and Environmental Management graduate student Maggie Cascadden presents on Impact Benefits Agreements.

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Green Energy and Efficiency An Economic Perspective

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > green energy | Published on 13/Aug/2018 08:29

428 pages , Springer , 2014-11-05
Addressing the major issues associated with green energy and energy efficiency, this book examines the economics of energy from the theoretical as well as applied perspectives. It makes a valuable contribution to existing discussion around environment and climate change issues, and provides an analysis of the socioeconomic and policy-ori...[Read More]

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Making Good Choices About Recycling and Reuse

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > recycling | Published on 12/Aug/2018 12:44

64 pages , The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc , 2009-08-15
Provides a proactive approach to recycling and reusing materials.

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Energy and Environmental Management for Small Data Centers

Published in: youtube > Panduit > environmental management | Published on 08/Aug/2018 17:41

This video shows how customers can use Panduit SmartZoneâ„¢ Rack Energy kits ( to gain greater visibility into data center performance, as well as enable...

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Environmental Challenges in the Baltic Region A Perspective from Economics

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Environmental protection | Published on 01/Aug/2018 04:25

239 pages , Springer , 2017-09-04
This book explores environmental challenges in the Baltic region from an economic perspective. Featuring contributions from regional experts from Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European countries it addresses the response to eutrophication caused by increased loads of nutrients to the sea from agriculture, wastewater, industry and traffic, a...[Read More]

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Indoor Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University,Denmark

Published in: youtube > civilengineers > environmental engineering | Published on 20/Jul/2018 11:10 Bliv Civilingeniør, Diplomingeniør eller Bachelor. Få en uddannelse i verdensklasse!

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T2 - Alternative Power Restore

Published in: youtube > Laho Bo > alternative power | Published on 15/Jul/2018 04:56

A scene from The Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)

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Environmental Education and Communication Track #2

Published in: youtube > Joe Knight > environmental education | Published on 07/Jul/2018 08:59

A description of the UMN ESPM EEC track, featuring Professor Stephan Carlson.

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