Busy Railway

Published in: Google Books > > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 20:27

10 pages , Campbell Books , 2019-01-24
With lots to see in Busy Railway, children can have fun as they hop aboard a train, pulling and turning the tabs! Enjoy watching the steam puff out of an engine, going through a crossing and chugging along the tracks. Children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and wonderful illustra...[Read More]

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Future for renewable energy is bright during Joe Biden's administration: SunPower CEO

Published in: youtube > CNBC Television > renewable energy | Published on 09/Aug/2021 16:44

Extended renewable energy tax credits have been included in the $1.4 trillion federal spending package. The solar investment tax credit will also stay at 26\% for ...

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Integration of Renewable Energy Systems

Published in: Google Books > House & Home > green energy | Published on 05/Jul/2021 04:13

Energy efficiency measures are generally less expensive than a renewable energy (RE) system to provide the same amount of energy saved. The Energy Information Administration reports that, on average, a dollar spend on efficiency saves $2 off the cost of a renewable energy system to provide the same amount of energy (IEA, 2011). But as the saying goes, "you can't save yourself...[Read More]

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Watch! Little Lily learns about how China's environmental protection while watering green plants

Published in: youtube > China Daily > Environmental protection | Published on 26/Apr/2021 21:15

Changing China: Growing up, going forward E3 – Environment Little Lily learns about how China's environmental protection, while watering green plants ...

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Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental engineering | Published on 05/Apr/2021 13:46

784 pages , IWA Publishing , 2002-07-31
The books currently available on this subject contain some elements of physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater but fall short of giving comprehensive and authoritative coverage. They contain some equations that are not substantiated, offering empirical data based on assumptions that are therefore difficult to comprehend...[Read More]

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Constructions: how can we build sustainable buildings? (part 1/2) | Sustainable Energy

Published in: youtube > Total > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 11:16

A growing population is going to need shelter from the elements whatever it's cold or hot, wind or rain, it doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor. That place ...

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Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History #24

Published in: youtube > CrashCourse > ecology for kids | Published on 22/Feb/2021 21:55

In which John Green teaches you about the Wild, Wild, West, which as it turns out, wasn't as wild as it seemed in the movies. When we think of the western ...

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Have We Gone Too Far With Environmental Protection (Making Sense with Sam Harris)

Published in: youtube > Sam Harris > Environmental protection | Published on 18/Jan/2021 04:42

Andrew McAfee and Sam Harris discuss Donald Trump and climate skepticism. Want to support the Making Sense podcast? Please visit: ...

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Helen Macdonald || Vesper Flights

Published in: youtube > Wigtown Book Festival > ecology for kids | Published on 05/Oct/2020 11:50

The bestselling author of H is for Hawk introduces her new book, Vesper Flights, a transcendent collection of essays about the human relationship to the natural ...

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Models in Ecology

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 31/Aug/2020 15:25

160 pages , CUP Archive , 1978-11-02
This book deals with ecological models of two kinds, which both aim to understand the general properties of ecosystems: mathematical models and laboratory models.

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The Landscape Ecology of Fire

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 31/Aug/2020 11:05

312 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2011-01-04
Global warming is expected to change fire regimes, likely increasing the severity and extent of wildfires in many ecosystems around the world. What will be the landscape-scale effects of these altered fire regimes? Within what theoretical contexts can we accurately assess these effects? We explore the possible ef...[Read More]

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KITE VICTERS STD 04 Environmental Studies Class 13 (First Bell-??????? ?????)

Published in: youtube > itsvicters > environmental education | Published on 31/Aug/2020 10:28

??????????? ?????? ???????????? ????????? ?????????? ????????????????????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ...

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