Eco Bible Volume 1: An Ecological Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

Published in: Google Books > Bible > Ecology | Published on 24/May/2021 17:00

255 pages , 2020-10-09
"What does the Bible say about ecology? As people face huge ecological challenges-including growing hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and plastic pollution-the groundbreaking Eco Bible dives into this question. Drawing on 3,500 years of religious ethics, it shows how the Bible itself and its great scholars embrace care for God's creation as a fundamental a...[Read More]

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Patient Care in Radiography

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 26/Apr/2021 03:37

496 pages , Elsevier Health Sciences , 2012-02-15
This textbook on radiography and medical imaging covers fundamentals, general patient care, and patient care in specific procedures and environments.

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Drama Research Methods: Provocations of Practice

Published in: Google Books > Education > Environment care | Published on 05/Apr/2021 09:46

288 pages , BRILL , 2018-12-06
Drama Research Methods: Provocations of Practice focuses on innovative drama/theatre research practices in ever-widening contexts for a broad range of purposes within and outside of the arts and the challenges this poses for researchers, writers and research participants.

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Sustainable Design: Life-Cycle Thinking

Published in: youtube > VentureWell > Sustainability | Published on 15/Mar/2021 16:50

Sustainable Design involves a systems approach and consideration of the entire life-cycle of the innovation. There are three critical phases in the life-cycle of an ...

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Advanced Materials for Clean Energy

Published in: Google Books > > green energy | Published on 06/Jul/2020 11:07

631 pages , CRC Press , 2020-07-02
Research for clean energy is booming, driven by the rapid depletion of fossil fuels and growing environmental concerns as well as the increasing growth of mobile electronic devices. Consequently, various research fields have focused on the development of high-performance materials for alternative energy technologies. Advanced Materials ...[Read More]

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Innovation Strategies in Environmental Science

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 15/Jun/2020 10:17

344 pages , Elsevier , 2019-08-20
Innovation Strategies in Environmental Science introduces and examines economically viable innovations to optimize performance and sustainability. By exploring short and long-term strategies for the development of networks and platform development, along with suggestions for open innovation, chapters discuss sustainable development ideas...[Read More]

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Fluid Dynamics for Global Environmental Studies

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 02/Dec/2019 21:57

368 pages , Springer , 2017-05-05
This book introduces the basic concepts of environmental fluid dynamics. It is intended for use by students, researchers, engineers, and specialists working not only in general fluid research but also in the atmospheric and oceanic research fields. The Earth is covered by atmosphere and oceans and is exposed to solar wind. Therefore, the...[Read More]

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Recycled J & Selecta - BAMBINO (Video Oficial)

Published in: youtube > RECYCLEDJ > recycling | Published on 11/Nov/2019 16:36


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Windshield Glass Recycling - Strategic Materials

Published in: youtube > Strategic Materials > recycling | Published on 29/Oct/2019 00:47

Strategic Materials is the largest glass recycler in North America, processing a variety of glass including windshield and automotive glass.

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Environmental Management Readings and Cases

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental management | Published on 18/Mar/2019 16:26

431 pages , Houghton Mifflin College Division , 1999
Unique in its integration of cases and readings, this text seeks to increase environmental awareness, sensitivity, and literacy in students. This collection of readings and cases can be used as a supplement or a primary text and is perfect for business, government and society, ethics, strategic management, and industri...[Read More]

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Phytoremediation , Abid A. Ansari, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Ritu Gill, Guy R. Lanza & Lee Newman

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences > environmental management | Published on 25/Feb/2019 16:20

This text details the plant-assisted remediation  method, "phytoremediation", which involves the interaction of plant roots and associated rhizospheric microorganisms for the remediation of soil and water contaminated with high levels of metals, pesticides, solvents, radionuclides, explosives, nutrients, crude oil, organic compounds and various other ...[Read More]

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The Alte Donau: Successful Restoration and Sustainable Management , Martin T. Dokulil, Karl Donabaum & Katrin Teubner

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Environment,Professional & Technical,Engineering,Environmental Engineering > Environment care | Published on 29/Jan/2019 08:52

Here we report on a 25-year long-term sequence of measures to return a deteriorated recreational urban lake, Alte Donau in Vienna to acceptable water quality. Metropolitan waters require focused ecosystem management plans and intensive in-lake efforts. We explored physico-chemical conditions, food web from viruses to fish and water birds, the sediments, the littoral...[Read More]

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