Combined Heating, Cooling, and Power Handbook

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875 pages , The Fairmont Press, Inc. , 2003-01-01

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Alternative Energy Sources For the Centralised Generation of Electricity

Published in: Google Books > Electric power-plants > alternative power | Published on 23/Jan/2019 23:56

310 pages , 1983-01-01

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Support Renewable Energy and Switch to Aurora Green Power from Wind

Published in: Google Books > Electric power consumption > green energy | Published on 18/Jul/2018 07:58

2 pages , 2008
Most people are aware of the impact we have on the environment and the need to do something about it. Well now you can make a proactive decision to minimise this impact by thinking about the energy that you use and making the switch to accredited renewable energy. AuroraGreen is renewable energy generated from wind and is accredited by GreenPower. GreenPower is an...[Read More]

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The Guide to Hydropower Mechanical Design

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400 pages , PennWell Books , 1996
Suitable for individuals who design hydro power facilities, maintain and procure equipment, or produce and distribute electricity, this book presents an overview of some of the best practices.

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Generating Electric Power in the Pacific Northwest Implications of Alternative Technologies

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62 pages , Rand Corporation , 2002
This report examines the implications of using alternative power-generation technologies to meet future energy demands in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It concludes that 20 percent of the new electricity that will be produced by natural-gas-fired generation and by dams on the lower Sanke River could be replaced by a...[Read More]

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Penetration of renewable energy in the electricity sector

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79 pages , OECD , 1998

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Multi-port Power Electronic Interface for Renewable Energy Sources

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Energy intensive products and services are penetrating people's daily life as well as di erent sectors of industry during recent decades. Further e ort to improve e ciency, reduce green house gas and hazardous particle emission lead to the emergence of the "more electric" concept in several industries including transportation. This trend, however, burdens the aging power system and...[Read More]

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Innovations in Voluntary Renewable Energy Procurement Methods for Expanding Access and Lowering Cost for Communities, Governments, and Businesses

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36 pages , 2012
This guide explores five innovative options for voluntarily procuring renewable energy generation or systems. The options described in this guide offer a variety of benefits, including lower cost, simplified transactions, expanded access to green energy, and increased impact. Each chapter describes one option, provides examples of its use, lays out design and imp...[Read More]

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Combined Heating, Cooling & Power Handbook Technologies & Applications : an Integrated Approach to Energy Resource Optimization

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875 pages , The Fairmont Press, Inc. , 2003
Many of the economic road blocks which have previously served to discourage the implementation of alternative power generation technologies can now be readily overcome through effective energy resource optimization. It is now a fact that solid financial returns can be achieved from combined heating, cooling and power generation...[Read More]

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