Global Energy Policy and Security

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > green energy | Published on 19/Sep/2021 19:41

330 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2013-09-03
Despite efforts to increase renewables, the global energy mix is still likely to be dominated by fossil-fuels in the foreseeable future, particularly gas for electricity and oil for land, air and sea transport. The reliance on depleting conventional oil and natural gas resources and the geographic distribution of...[Read More]

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Environment care by CRPF 2020

Published in: youtube > binu baruah > Environment care | Published on 29/Aug/2021 21:57

A clean environment is essential for healthy living. The more you don't care aboutt our environment, the more it will become polluted with conteminants and ...

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Lorde - California (Full Live Performance from Good Morning America)

Published in: youtube > Enver Egemen Bayraktar > alternative power | Published on 23/Aug/2021 05:58

follow my Lorde fanpage on Instagram: [@lordecontent] Solar Power performance: ...

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Adani Green Energy Share Price Why Falling Down? ???? ????? ????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ????

Published in: youtube > Vivek Mishra Trading > green energy | Published on 13/Dec/2020 23:59

Adani Green Energy Renewable energy company Adani Green Energy Limited is an Indian renewable energy company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Toward a Sound Ecology , Jeff Todd Titon

Published in: itune > Music,Books,Arts & Entertainment,Science & Nature,Nature,Ecology,Environment > ecology for kids | Published on 15/Nov/2020 21:36

How does sound ecology--an acoustic connective tissue among communities--also become a basis for a healthy economy and a just community?

Jeff Todd Titon's lived experiences shed light on the power of song, the ecology of musical cultures, and even cultural sustainability and resilience. In Toward a Sound Ecology, Titon's collected essays address h...[Read More]

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Environmental Science in Building

Published in: Google Books > Building > environmental science | Published on 29/Jun/2020 15:16

340 pages , Macmillan International Higher Education , 1998-11-11
This well established book examines the science and technology of those provisions and services that are required in the built environment. The main considerations are the effects of heat, light and sound within buildings. In addition other essential requirements such as supplies of electricity and water a...[Read More]

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Sand Mining Environmental Impacts and Selected Case Studies

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental science | Published on 15/Jun/2020 23:33

162 pages , Springer , 2014-06-12
This book addresses most of the environmental impacts of sand mining from small rivers The problems and solutions addressed in this book are applicable to all rivers that drain through densely populated tropical coasts undergoing rapid economic growth. Many rivers in the world are drastically being altered to levels often beyond their na...[Read More]

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What We Know about Climate Change

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 01/Jun/2020 14:37

88 pages , MIT Press , 2018-10-09
An updated edition of a guide to the basic science of climate change, and a call to action. The vast majority of scientists agree that human activity has significantly increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere—most dramatically since the 1970s. Yet global warming skeptics and ill-informed elected officials continue to dismiss this b...[Read More]

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Water Treatment | GATE CE 2020 | Environment Engineering | Part-2 | Gradeup

Published in: youtube > Gradeup- GATE, ESE, PSUs Exam Preparation > environmental engineering | Published on 27/Apr/2020 11:00

Watch GATE 2020 Paper Analysis and Answer Key: Watch GATE ME Answer KEY 2020: Watch GATE ...

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Coordinating Public and Private Sustainability Green Energy Policy, International Trade Law, and Economic Mechanisms

Published in: Google Books > Clean energy > green energy | Published on 06/Apr/2020 01:38

146 pages , Routledge Research in Energy Law and Regulation , 2019-11-28
This book demonstrates the need to coordinate private and corporate actors with national and global sustainable climate policies, with conventions in the spheres of green energy laws, as well as from the spheres of commercial, trade, and other private law. While many states have joined together in t...[Read More]

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Interspecies interaction, population interactions in ecology for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER.

Published in: youtube > Let's Crack NEET UG > Ecology | Published on 31/Mar/2020 04:54

U can like my Facebook page ie. Vipin Sharma Biology Blogs for more information regarding every national level competitive exam in which biology is a part .

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Small Wonder , Barbara Kingsolver

Published in: itune > Essays,Books,Fiction & Literature,Science & Nature,Nature > Environmental protection | Published on 23/Sep/2019 13:04

In twenty-two wonderfully articulate essays, Barbara Kingsolver raises her voice in praise of nature, family, literature, and the joys of everyday life while examining the genesis of war, violence, and poverty in our world

From the author of High Tide in Tucson, comes Small Wonder, a new collection of essays that begins with a parable gleaned from recent ...[Read More]

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