Power Girl Aliens and Apes

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144 pages , Dc Comics , 2010
Born on a distant planet, Kara Zor-L is looking for a fresh start in a place renowned for giving people a second chance: New Yourk City! But its newest, super-powered protector isn't the only one with big-city dreams ... A terrifying storm turns Manhattan into a nightmare when it's besieged by fear-inducing robots. In no time, Power Girl's li...[Read More]

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Demanding Respect The Evolution of the American Comic Book

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260 pages , Temple University Press , 2009-04-07
From pulp comics to Maus, the story of the growth of comics in American culture.

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Invaders from the North How Canada Conquered the Comic Book Universe

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192 pages , Dundurn , 2006-11-11
Short-listed for the 2007 CBA Libris Awards for Book Design of the Year What do Superman, Prince Valiant, Cerebus the Aardvark, and Spawn have in common? Their creators Joe Shuster, Harold Foster, Dave Sim, and Todd McFarlane are Canadians. And while many of the cutting-edge talents of contemporary comix and graphic novels are also from C...[Read More]

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50 Girls 50 And Other Stories

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265 pages , Fantagraphics Books , 2013-04-06
Barely old enough to drink when he joined the EC Comics stable, Al Williamson may have been the new kid on the block, but a lifetime of studying such classic adventure cartoonists as Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon) and Hal Foster (Prince Valiant) had made him a kid to reckon with ― as he proved again and again in the storie...[Read More]

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Unlovable Vol. 1

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416 pages , Fantagraphics Books , 2009-02-23
Loosely based on a teenager’s diary from the 1980s found in a gas-station bathroom, Unlovable details the sometimes ordinary, sometimes humiliating, often poignant and frequently hilarious exploits of underdog Tammy Pierce. This remarkably touching and funny graphic novel tells the first-person account of Tammy’s...[Read More]

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