Dipti Nayak (UC Berkeley) 2: Mysteries of the Methanogens

Published in: youtube > iBiology > environmental engineering | Published on 20/Sep/2021 18:55

https://www.ibiology.org/microbiology/archaea In her second video, Nayak describes research she has done on methanogenic archaea - microorganisms that ...

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The Great Barrier Reef Biology, Environment and Management

Published in: Google Books > Coral reef biology > Earth biosphere | Published on 05/Sep/2021 19:38

377 pages , CSIRO PUBLISHING , 2009
This book gives readers a broad overview of biological and physical attributes of the Great Barrier Reef and, where relevant, other reefs of the world. Contemporary pressing reef issues such as coral bleaching, coral disease and the challenges of coral reef fisheries are discussed by world research leaders.

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Dinosaurs under the Aurora , Roland A. Gangloff

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Earth Sciences,Life Sciences,Biology,Nature,Ecology > Sustainability | Published on 30/Aug/2021 00:30

In 1961, while mapping rock exposures along the Colville River in Alaska, an oil company geologist would unknowingly find the evidence for a startling discovery. Long before the North Slope of Alaska was being exploited for its petroleum resources it was a place where dinosaurs roamed. Dinosaurs under the Aurora immerses readers in the challenges, stark beauty, and ...[Read More]

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Attributes of Living Organisms (11th BioBot-L-1,TNSB,English Medium)

Published in: youtube > ShanRavi's Biology > Earth biosphere | Published on 02/Aug/2021 02:51

For Higher Secondary school students (Tamil Medium & English Medium ) & NEET aspirants & TNPSE aspirants.

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The Symbiotic Habit , Angela E. Douglas

Published in: itune > Biology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Ecology > Earth biosphere | Published on 25/Jul/2021 17:23

Throughout the natural world, organisms have responded to predators, inadequate resources, or inclement conditions by forming ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships--or symbioses--with different species. Symbiosis is the foundation for major evolutionary events, such as the emergence of eukaryotes and plant eating among vertebrates, and is also a crucial factor in...[Read More]

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The American Biology Teacher

Published in: Google Books > Biology > environmental education | Published on 05/Jul/2021 23:01

Includes section "Books."

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A new, fully updated narrative edition of David Attenborough's seminal biography of our world, The Living Planet.

Nowhere on our planet is devoid of life. Plants and animals thrive or survive within every extreme of climate and habitat that it offers. Single species, and often whole communities adapt to make the most of ice cap and tundra, forest and plai...[Read More]

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Environmental Issues | Part 8 | Ozone depletion in the stratosphere

Published in: youtube > Biology Simplified Tamil > environmental issues | Published on 28/Jun/2021 12:18


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Environmental Issues | Part 9 | Degradation by improper Resource Utilisation and Maintenance

Published in: youtube > Biology Simplified Tamil > environmental issues | Published on 28/Jun/2021 11:04


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Environmental Issues | Part 4 | Integrated waste water treatment

Published in: youtube > Biology Simplified Tamil > environmental issues | Published on 27/Jun/2021 14:05


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I Contain Multitudes , Ed Yong

Published in: itune > Biology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Professional & Technical,Medical > environmental issues | Published on 31/May/2021 09:51

New York Times Bestseller

New York Times Notable Book of 2016

NPR Great Read of 2016

Economist Best Books of 2016

Brain Pickings Best Science Books of 2016

Smithsonian Best Books about Science of 2016

Science Friday Best Science Book of 2016

A Mother Jones Notable Read of 2016

A ...[Read More]

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Why Size Matters , John Tyler Bonner

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Biology,Ecology,Nature > global warming | Published on 24/May/2021 20:59

John Tyler Bonner, one of our most distinguished and creative biologists, here offers a completely new perspective on the role of size in biology. In his hallmark friendly style, he explores the universal impact of being the right size. By examining stories ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Gulliver's Travels, he shows that humans have always been fascinated by th...[Read More]

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