Frisco has many uncomplimentary things said about her, including a rampant liberalism, as well as LGBT awareness and acceptance.

However. it is a popular tourist destination, The city is known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the forme...[Read More]

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From Carolyn Turgeon, editor in chief of Enchanted Living and author of The Faerie Handbook and The Mermaid Handbook, comes this exquisitely illustrated and beautifully designed lifestyle compendium, a complete guide to the world of unicorns covering fashion and beauty; arts and culture; and home, food, and entertaining with step-by-step crafts and recipes.
[Read More]

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Atlanta is rated as a world city that exerts a moderate impact on global commerce, finance, research, technology, education, media, art, and entertainment.

It ranks in the top twenty among world cities and 10th in the nation with a gross domestic product  of $385 billion.
Atlanta started as a railroad town and logistics has been a major...[Read More]

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Washington is a planned city. In 1791, President Washington commissioned Pierre Charles L'Enfant, a French-born architect and city planner, to design the new capital. 

He enlisted Scottish surveyor Alexander Ralston to help lay out the city plan. The L'Enfant Plan featured broad streets and avenues radiating out from rectangles, providing room for ...[Read More]

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Athens is a global city and one of the biggest economic centers in southeastern Europe. It has a large financial sector and its port of Piraeus is both the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world, while at the same time being the sixth busiest passenger port in Europe.

Classical Athens was a powerful city-state that e...[Read More]

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Solar for Everyone

Published in: youtube > Smart Power Illinois > alternative power | Published on 23/Aug/2021 16:53

"The North main Manor building is seeing their bills reduced about $8000 a year because of those panels. technology around solar, it really isn't that ...

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class7 social science assessment worksheet 1(17/8/21)English medium/#sstassessment1class7

Published in: youtube > SMART STUDY. > Earth biosphere | Published on 23/Aug/2021 02:02

class7 social science assessment worksheet 1(17/8/21)English medium/#sstassessment1class7 class7 social science assessment worksheet 1(17/8/21)English ...

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Turn water scarcity into water abundance; as you enable your home, yard, school, place of worship, and/or neighborhood to generate more resources and life! Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, 3rd Edition, is the best-selling, award-winning guide on how to conceptualize, design, and implement a diverse array of highly effective and ine...[Read More]

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Developing Positive Attitudes Toward Environmental Issues EASeL, Environmental Art and Service Learning

Published in: Google Books > Art and society > environmental issues | Published on 15/Aug/2021 21:44

162 pages , 2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether students would show positive behavior and attitude changes toward the environment and civic engagement after they participated in a thirty-hour community service learning art program. Data collected from the program in the forms of a pre-test post-test instrument, written essays, and weekly log were ana...[Read More]

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The Great GLOBAL Warming Hoax? Zero emmissions bikes by 2030? The end of Motorcycles?

Published in: youtube > stuart fillingham > global warming | Published on 17/May/2021 07:32

recent announcements ahead of COP26 say zero emission's vehicles are to be forced upon us earlier than previously announced. Will this spell the end of ...

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Environmental Management Concept Map ! Science part 2 ! class 10 ! Maharashtra board

Published in: youtube > Smart Education > environmental management | Published on 19/Apr/2021 03:00

environmental management concept map #environmental_management #smart_education.

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How To See Pollution | DIY Pollution Catcher | Science Experiment | dArtofScience

Published in: youtube > d'Art of Science > pollution | Published on 22/Mar/2021 23:19

Hi Folks, In this video you'll learn "How To See Pollution and Make a Pollution Catcher at Home". I've shown how to create a Pollution Catcher which can be ...

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