The Ecology of Vision

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244 pages , Oxford University Press , 1979-01

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The Guide to Famous Australian Animals

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48 pages , 2009
What do you think is Australia's most famous animal? Could it be the Kangaroo? The Koala or Emu? Perhaps it's the Frill-neck Lizard or the Dingo? This guide books covers them all whilst providing young children with interesting facts about them. After reading this book kids will definitely have their own opinion on who they think is the most famous.

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Ecological Corridors and Species Large Carnivores in the Alpine Region

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23 pages , Council of Europe , 2002-01-01
This report discusses the problems involved in developing an environmental suitability model to manage three large carnivore populations in the Alpine region, for the bear, the lynx and the wolf. The aim is to identify sensitive areas, both in terms of areas particularly suitable for the survival of the species and those which re...[Read More]

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