Your heart, the next renewable energy | ACCIONA

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > renewable energy | Published on 18/Dec/2018 04:16

Scientists all over the world are exploring the possibilities afforded by the human body as a source of electricity to power portable electronic devices.

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How does biomass work? | Sustainability

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > Sustainability | Published on 09/Aug/2018 20:40

Biomass energy consists in using organic material as an energy source. This organic material can be natural, residual sub-product or waste from agricultural or livestock activities or resulting...

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What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > Sustainability | Published on 23/Jul/2018 19:35

Human-kind faces many challenges to ensure that all people have the same development and well-being opportunities. One of the major recent achievements in sustainability has been the adoption...

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Causes and effects of water pollution

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > pollution | Published on 30/Jan/2018 08:55

Water is a basic resource that guarantees the life of all living beings on the planet. However, its scarcity and pollution cause millions of people to have poor access to this much-needed...

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What is sustainability? | ACCIONA

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jul/2017 21:08

In this video we show you what sustainability is, its origin and its importance to try to achieve a global well-being of the present and future generations. More infromation: http://www.activesusta...

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