Postglacial vegetation

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Postglacial vegetation refers to plants that colonize the newly exposed substrate after a glacial retreat. The term "postglacial" typically refers to processes and events that occur after the departure of glacial ice or glacial climates.

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Environmental impact design

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Environmental impact design (EID) is the adaptation and implementation of a design project, with regard to the supply of the public goods (social, natural, and aesthetic) and the development of landscapes. It takes into account the environmental impact of every designed and developing project. Environmental impact design is concerned with modifications to the design of development projects to achi...[Read More]

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Global Crop Diversity Trust

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Belgrave Trust

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Belgrave Trust is a social enterprise firm that uses carbon offsets to allow individuals to live carbon neutral, through subscriptions and environmentally conscious products bundled with offsets. The firm's principal business is conducted through a retail website that offers a curated selection of physical items as well as personal and gift subscriptions. Revenues derived from subscribers and thro...[Read More]

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Leatherback Trust

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The Leatherback Trust is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation and study of sea turtles and freshwater turtles, with special regard for the leatherback sea turtle. The Leatherback Trust was founded in 2000 to help consolidate Las Baulas National Marine Park, one of the last major nesting site for the critically endangered leatherback turtle in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The...[Read More]

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Local Biodiversity Action Plan

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In the United Kingdom a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP, pronounced 'ell-bap') is a plan aimed at conserving the fauna, flora and habitats - collectively referred to as biodiversity - of a defined area, usually along local authority boundary lines. The development of such plans at a local level is guided by the publication of a Biodiversity Action Plan at national i.e. UK level and executed l...[Read More]

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Riparian zone

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A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream. Riparian is also the proper nomenclature for one of the fifteen terrestrial biomes of the earth. Plant habitats and communities along the river margins and banks are called riparian vegetation, characterized by hydrophilic plants. Riparian zones are important in ecology, environmental management, and civil engine...[Read More]

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Environmental credit crunch

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The term environmental credit crunch refers to a crisis (which may be economic in origin) which exposes humanity's inability to indefinitely consume finite natural resources in order to sustain economic activity and a standard of living. The term is often juxtaposed with the financial credit crunch of 2008.

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Box corer

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The Box corer is a marine geological sampling tool for soft sediments in lakes or oceans. It is deployed from a research vessel with a wire and suitable for any water depth. It is designed for a minimum of disturbance of the sediment surface by bow wave effects which is important for quantitative investigations of the benthic micro- to macrofauna, geochemical processes, sampling of bottom water or...[Read More]

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World Heritage Committee

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The World Heritage Committee selects the sites to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the World Heritage List and the List of World Heritage in Danger, monitors the state of conservation of the World Heritage properties, defines the use of the World Heritage Fund and allocates financial assistance upon requests from States Parties. It is composed of 21 states parties that are elect...[Read More]

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In ecology, bionomics (Greek: bio = life; nomos = law) is the comprehensive study of an organism and its relation to its environment. As translated from the French word Bionomie, its first use in English was in the period of 1885-1890. Another way of expressing this word is the term currently referred to as "ecology". An example of studies of this type is Richard B. Selander's Bionomics, Systemati...[Read More]

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Total human ecosystem

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Total human ecosystem (THE) is an eco-centric concept.

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