How renewable energy can power a brighter future in India

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The renewable energy industry in India has the potential to provide clean power to millions of homes and businesses, as well as more employment.

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Earthbag Builders

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 17/Aug/2018 08:24

For all those interested in Earthbag building, or have already built structures from Earthbags - to share ideas, experiences, thoughts and designs. Our focus is primarily on Earthbag Building, though discussing other forms of natural building is well received. All questions and comments are encouraged. :D

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Environmental Restoration Advocacy

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 16/Aug/2018 17:46

This group is specially created(2348071237602): To discuss issues concerning environmental degradation and ways of making our environment more friendly. To discuss best possible practices of proper waste management and control, both industrial and domestic waste. To share beautiful ideas on various possible ways of restoring our environment to almost its original condition without creating more h...[Read More]

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ASPECT (Atherton South Preservation Ecology Community Team)

Published in: facebook > group > recycling | Published on 16/Aug/2018 02:43

The aim of the Aspect Group is to preserve and protect the South Of Atherton countryside, wildlife and biodiversity. ASPECT Facebook Code of Conduct: ASPECT reserve the right to remove without notice any items that are considered to be likely to cause offence or distress to any individual or group. Anyone who is found to be in breach of this policy will be blocked permanently from ASPECT. Any vie...[Read More]

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[ENGLISH] This group is created in order to offer information about ecology and tasks that can be followed by people, in order to earn a better quality of life. It intends to inform those of you who don't really know what "ecology" means and who need guidance in plenty of thematic areas. Our life CAN be better.It's up to us. [ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ] Αυτό το ...[Read More]

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Permaculture K.C.

Published in: facebook > group > environmental science | Published on 15/Aug/2018 19:17

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design which develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. We seek to establish Kansas City as the central perma-hub in the USA.

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ILM & The Nene Wetlands

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 15/Aug/2018 11:14

ILM & The Nene Wetlands is a group of Wildlife Trust nature reserves at the heart of the Nene Valley Living Landscape. Maps of the reserves, parking and access details can be found on the WT website ( This group is intended for use by local people and visitors to the reserves. As such, photographs posted should be taken of or from the reserves and discussions, comments and obs...[Read More]

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Environmentalist Foundation of India

Published in: facebook > group > ecology for kids | Published on 15/Aug/2018 08:32

Eco-projects: Lake/River restoration Herbs Restoration Stray Animal Care Student Activities: a. Zoo volunteering b. Sparrow species conservation project c. Plastic Free Campaign d. Resource Conservation Activities There are more eco-conservation projects which are based on the priorities of the city in which they live. The group accommodates & finds a solution to any environmental issue on a vol...[Read More]

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TRIBZ.BIO SEED School of Eco-symbiotic Cultivation & Technology (SEED-SECT)

Published in: facebook > group > environmental science | Published on 15/Aug/2018 07:35

The Sustainability Education Engineering & Development School for Eco-symbiotic Cultivation & Technology (SEED-SECT) is an international school & cooperative extension of Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize-TRIBZ.BIO. SEED-SECT's primary objective is the raising of future world leaders who are culturally engineered to advance Eco-symbiotic cultivation, technology & relevant outputs that for...[Read More]

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Published in: facebook > group > green energy | Published on 14/Aug/2018 21:18

----------------------------------------- Engineers for a Sustainable World ----------------------------------------- We envision a worldwide era of sustainability in which all communities cooperate to achieve lasting environmental, social, and economic prosperity. Our Mission- is to bring communities together to develop, implement, and share sustainable technologies and practices worldwide. ...[Read More]

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Edinburgh University Ecology Society

Published in: facebook > group > recycling | Published on 14/Aug/2018 17:27

Hello and Welcome, This is a group for ecologists and environmental scientists at the University of Edinburgh and other Edinburgh Institutions to get in to contact. Please be aware that this is not monitored by the University of Edinburgh Ecology Society please visit our page to get in contact with us:

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British Marine Life Study Society

Published in: facebook > group > green energy | Published on 14/Aug/2018 13:40

Study of the marine life of the NE Atlantic Ocean and the seas and lochs surrounding the British Isles. British Marine Life Study Society official page Purpose and Aims * to stimulate interest in the undersea world and natural history of the seas, and related subjects. * to bridge the gap between the popular books and scientific literature by publishing readable and informative ar...[Read More]

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