How it Feels to Be Attcked by a Shark , Michelle Hamer

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Young Adult,Science & Nature,Nature,Reference,Humor > environmental management | Published on 26/Feb/2019 11:20

What does it feel like to find yourself in the grip of a 15-foot Great White shark? To be struck not once but twice by lightning? Here are 40 incredible true-life stories of people who lived through the most harrowing experiences you could imagine. In some cases, they stared death right in the face; in others, they wished they could die but somehow found the strengt...[Read More]

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Prepper's Total Grid Failure Handbook Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

Published in: Google Books > Reference > alternative power | Published on 23/Jan/2019 20:01

224 pages , Ulysses Press , 2017-04-11
The ultimate guide to creating, storing and utilizing lifesaving power in the most critical circumstances Batteries don’t last forever. To successfully survive a long-term disaster, you’ll need self-reliant, renewable electricity. This book teaches you how to: CREATE YOUR OWN POWER • Choose cost-efficient solar panels • Inco...[Read More]

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The School Garden Curriculum , Kaci Rae Christopher

Published in: itune > Education,Books,Professional & Technical,Lifestyle & Home,Pets,Science & Nature,Ecology,Reference,Life Sciences,Gardening,Nature > renewable energy | Published on 22/Oct/2018 23:39

Sow the seeds of science and wonder and inspire the next generation of Earth stewards

The world needs young people to grow into strong, scientifically literate environmental stewards. Learning gardens are great places to build this knowledge, yet until now there has been a lack of a multi-grade curriculum for school-wide teaching aimed at fostering a con...[Read More]

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Green Ethics and Philosophy An A-to-Z Guide

Published in: Google Books > Reference > Earth biosphere | Published on 17/Aug/2018 20:57

504 pages , SAGE Publications , 2011-05-03
Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-to-Z Guide covers the moral relationship between humans and their natural environment, specifically targeting the contemporary green movement. Since the 1960s, green ethics and philosophies have helped give birth to the civil rights, feminist, and gay rights movements, as well as contemporary en...[Read More]

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Sonic Warfare , Steve Goodman

Published in: itune > Music,Books,Arts & Entertainment,Reference,Professional & Technical,Education > Ecology | Published on 17/Aug/2018 13:38

An exploration of the production, transmission, and mutation of affective tonality--when sound helps produce a bad vibe.

Sound can be deployed to produce discomfort, express a threat, or create an ambience of fear or dread--to produce a bad vibe. Sonic weapons of this sort include the "psychoacoustic correction" aimed at Panama strongman Manuel Nor...[Read More]

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¿Tenemos derecho a un futuro? , Fabrizzio Guerrero

Published in: itune > Reference,Books,Science & Nature,Environment,Ecology > Sustainability | Published on 08/Aug/2018 08:49

La naturaleza, el medioambiente y los seres que lo pueblan se han soñado en pesadillas distópicas o en idílicos paisajes consagrados por la ciencia ficción. Del análisis de la literatura, el cine y los productos culturales se vale la ecocrítica para descubrir los valores que el ser humano le ha asignado a la naturaleza y a su lugar en el mundo, para cuestionar...[Read More]

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Research Methods for Environmental Studies A Social Science Approach

Published in: Google Books > Reference > environmental science | Published on 07/Aug/2018 08:27

380 pages , Routledge , 2017-10-18
The methodological needs of environmental studies are unique in the breadth of research questions that can be posed, calling for a textbook that covers a broad swath of approaches to conducting research with potentially many different kinds of evidence.?? Written specifically for social science-based research into the environment, this ...[Read More]

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North America A Continental Overview of Environmental Issues

Published in: Google Books > Reference > environmental issues | Published on 29/Jul/2018 12:31

296 pages , ABC-CLIO , 2003
Explores the environmental health of the North American continent, discussing such issues as biodiversity, environmental activism, air quality, and land use.

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McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology

Published in: Google Books > Reference > Earth biosphere | Published on 20/Jul/2018 15:13

2651 pages , McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing , 2005-01-01
Features more than seven thousand entries covering topics, terms, and concepts in math, science, and technology.

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Shrinking Cities: Effects on Urban Ecology and Challenges for Urban Development , Marcel Langner & Wilfried Endlicher

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Reference,Geography,Nonfiction,Social Science,Arts & Entertainment,Art & Architecture,Urban Planning,Ecology,Earth Sciences > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jul/2018 14:23

Cities in industrialised countries have grown over time, yet shrinkage of cities occurs in many regions. This process has many impacts on urban ecology, which can be observed on urban brownfield sites in particular. The integration of these sites with sustainable urban development must be managed. This presents new challenges for urban planners. The first chapters g...[Read More]

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Research Methods Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

Published in: Google Books > Reference > Environment care | Published on 23/Jun/2018 21:11

2072 pages , Information Science Reference , 2015-01-01
"This book compiles chapters on key considerations in the management, development, and distribution of data through its focus on both fundamental concepts and advanced topics"--

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The Associated Press Stylebook 2017

Published in: Google Books > Reference > global warming | Published on 22/Jun/2018 05:58

536 pages , Basic Books , 2017-07-11
The style of the Associated Press is the gold standard for news writing. With The AP Stylebook in hand, you can learn how to write and edit with the clarity and professionalism for which they are famous. Fully revised and updated, this new edition contains more than 3,000 A to Z entries—including more than 200 new ones—d...[Read More]

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