Trash Talk: An Encyclopedia of Garbage and Recycling around the World An Encyclopedia of Garbage and Recycling around the World

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484 pages , ABC-CLIO , 2015-09-09
This fascinating reference offers a unique take on recycling and trash, tracing the role of waste in public health, climate change, and sustainability around the world. • Includes comparisons of the waste, public health, and emissions profile for many countries • Provides a general introduction to the issue of global waste management...[Read More]

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Recycled Papers The Essential Guide

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162 pages , MIT Press (MA) , 1992
Paper is the largest single component of municipal solid waste, and the recycling of paper must be part of any resolution to the current garbage crisis. Because there are no uniform standards for the generic term "recycled," it is still difficult for paper users to make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. Myths, misinformat...[Read More]

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Ant Ecology

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402 pages , Oxford University Press , 2010
The incredible global diversity of ants, and their important ecological roles, mean that we cannot ignore the significance of ants in ecological systems. Ant Ecology takes the reader on a journey of discovery from the beginnings of ants many hundreds of thousands of years ago, through to the makings of present day distributions.

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The Behavioral Ecology of Callimicos and Tamarins in Northwestern Bolivia

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Ecology | Published on 11/Jan/2021 22:03

172 pages , Prentice Hall , 2007
Part of Prentice Hall's Primate Field Studies series. The Behavioral Ecology of Callimicos and Tamarins in Northwestern Bolivia offers readers a scholary and relevant study of these rainforest dwellers.

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Ecology and Justice Citizenship in Biotic Communities

Published in: Google Books > NATURE > Ecology | Published on 11/Jan/2021 08:15

This is the first book to outline a basic philosophy of ecology using the standard categories of academic philosophy: metaphysics, axiology, epistemology, aesthetics, ethics, and political philosophy. The problems of global justice invariably involve ecological factors. Yet the science of ecology is itself imbued with philosophical questions. Therefore, studies in ecological justic...[Read More]

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Biology and Ecology of Pike

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Ecology | Published on 11/Jan/2021 07:36

402 pages , CRC Press , 2018-01-09
This book sets out to bridge the order scales among pike researchers, populations, communities, management, and fisheries. It emphasizes the progress of pike research during the last two decades, during which the order-bridging approach emerged. This framework underpins the text and the message, to convey its importance to pike research...[Read More]

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A stunningly illustrated look at the mating and parenting lives of the world's birds

Bird Love looks at the extraordinary range of mating systems in the avian world, exploring all the stages from courtship and nest-building to protecting eggs and raising chicks. It delves into the reasons why some species, such as the wattled jacana, rely on...[Read More]

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Capturing Sunlight, Book 1 , Woody Lane

Published in: itune > Agriculture,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology,Environment > Environment care | Published on 04/Jan/2021 02:25

There is magic in forages. The magic of sunlight and green leaves and the miracle of photosynthesis. It's the magic of legumes that pull nitrogen from the air to make proteins, of roots interacting with the soil, of plants capturing and storing carbon, and of the vast array of forages that contain the protein, fiber, and starch upon which livestock depend.

[Read More]

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Under a White Sky , Elizabeth Kolbert

Published in: itune > Environment,Books,Science & Nature,Nature > Environment care | Published on 04/Jan/2021 02:16

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction returns to humanity's transformative impact on the environment, now asking: After doing so much damage, can we change nature, this time to save it?
That man should have dominion "over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" is a pro...[Read More]

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Contaminants in Agriculture , M. Naeem, Abid Ali Ansari & Sarvajeet Singh Gill

Published in: itune > Agriculture,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Ecology > Environment care | Published on 04/Jan/2021 01:44

This comprehensive volume covers recent studies into agricultural problems caused by soil and water contamination. Considering the importance of agricultural crops to human health, the editors have focused on chapters detailing the negative impact of heavy metals, excessive chemical fertilizer use, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, agricultural wastes...[Read More]

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Amphibian Survey and Monitoring Handbook , John W. Wilkinson

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Lifestyle & Home,Pets,Environment,Biology,Ecology > renewable energy | Published on 28/Dec/2020 21:03

"Evidence bases for conservation are becoming increasingly important to convince landowners and politicians of the need to take action in defence of species and habitats all around the world. A valuable feature of this book is its emphasis on collecting and analysing such essential information." Trevor Beebee, Phyllomedusa

Amphibians are among the most gl...[Read More]

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The man who planted trees , Giono Jean

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature > renewable energy | Published on 28/Dec/2020 17:24

- For the character of a human to reveal truly exceptional qualities, one needs to have the good fortune of being able to observe his actions over many years. If his actions are free of all egotism, if his guiding principle is unequalled generosity, if it is absolutely certain that no reward was sought anywhere and his ideas have left a visible impression on the wor...[Read More]

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