Essentials of Marine Biotechnology , Se-Kwon Kim

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Life Sciences,Chemistry,Professional & Technical,Medical,Ecology,Environment > Environmental protection | Published on 19/May/2020 00:55

This textbook introduces marine biotechnology by collecting the key knowledge on genetics, fish breeding, genetic diversity, seaweed production and microalgae biotechnology, and explores marine biomaterials and how they can benefit human health. Covering the latest applications of marine biotechnology in natural product development, genomics, transgenic technology, ...[Read More]

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Occupational Therapies without Borders - Volume 2 E-Book Towards an ecology of occupation-based practices

Published in: Google Books > Medical > ecology for kids | Published on 12/May/2020 00:46

432 pages , Elsevier Health Sciences , 2011-10-24
The companion text to Occupational Therapy without Borders - Volume 1: learning from the spirit of survivors! In this landmark text writers from around the world discuss a plurality of occupation-based approaches that explicitly acknowledge the full potential of the art and science of occupational therapy. The profession ...[Read More]

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Nursing History Review, Volume 15, 2007 Official Publication of the American Association for the History of Nursing

Published in: Google Books > Medical > ecology for kids | Published on 11/May/2020 04:14

234 pages , Springer Publishing Company , 2006-09-18
Nursing History Review, an annual peer-reviewed publication of the American Association for the History of Nursing, is a showcase for the most significant current research on nursing history. Regular sections include scholarly articles, over a dozen book reviews of the best publications on nursing and health care histo...[Read More]

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The Behavioral Ecology of the Tibetan Macaque , Jin-Hua Li, Lixing Sun & Peter M. Kappeler

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Health, Mind & Body,Psychology,Nonfiction,Social Science,Anthropology,Ecology,Professional & Technical,Medical,Veterinary > Ecology | Published on 04/May/2020 16:28

This open access book summarizes the multi-disciplinary results of one of China's main primatological research projects on the endemic Tibetan macaque (Macaca thibetana), which had continued for over 30 years, but which had never been reported on systematically. Dedicated to this exceptional Old World monkey, this book makes the work of Chinese primatolo...[Read More]

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Studies in Global Animal Law , Anne Peters

Published in: itune > Law,Books,Professional & Technical,Science & Nature,Ecology,Medical,Veterinary > Ecology | Published on 04/May/2020 15:43

This open access book contains 13 contributions on global animal law, preceded by an introduction which explains key concepts and methods. Global Animal Law refers to the sum of legal rules and principles (both state-made and non-state-made) governing the interaction between humans and other animals, on a domestic, local, regional, and international level. Global an...[Read More]

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Air Pollution and Health Effects

Published in: Google Books > Medical > pollution | Published on 31/Mar/2020 05:30

439 pages , Springer , 2015-05-06
Exposure to ambient air pollutants, both indoors and outdoors has been associated with the exacerbation and also in the etiology of diverse human diseases. This book offers an overview of our current understanding of air pollution health risks and how this knowledge is being used in the regulatory, therapeutic intervention measures to pr...[Read More]

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Air Pollution Concepts, Theory, and Applications

Published in: Google Books > Medical > pollution | Published on 30/Mar/2020 20:44

370 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2019-06-20
Complete coverage of air pollution from its sources to its health and environmental impacts, for advanced students and researchers.

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The Role of Global Air Pollution in Aging and Disease Reading Smoke Signals

Published in: Google Books > Medical > pollution | Published on 30/Mar/2020 17:19

218 pages , Academic Press , 2018-01-21
Global Air Pollution in Aging: Reading Smoke Signals is a complete reference connecting environmental pollution research to the human aging process. Since 1800, lifespans have more than doubled as infections declined and medicine improved. But the 20th century introduced a new global scourge of air pollution from fossil fuels with ...[Read More]

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Clinical Handbook of Air Pollution-Related Diseases

Published in: Google Books > Medical > pollution | Published on 30/Mar/2020 12:36

679 pages , Springer , 2018-02-21
This book examines in detail the clinical implications of those diseases that either are primarily triggered by air pollution or represent direct consequences of air pollutants. The aim is to provide medical practitioners with practical solutions to issues in diagnosis and treatment while simultaneously furnishing other interested partie...[Read More]

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Cholera and the Ecology of Vibrio cholerae

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Ecology | Published on 23/Mar/2020 17:17

355 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 1996-09-30
Only in recent years has it been revealed that V. cholerae is a normal inhabitant of esturine and riverine waters. This means that even if the disease can be eliminated from human population by vaccines etc. the vibrio will continue to survive independently in the environment. It is likely that the environment is...[Read More]

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Molecular Approaches To Ecology And Evolution

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Ecology | Published on 23/Mar/2020 11:31

364 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 1998-09-29
The last ten years have seen an explosion of activity in the application of molecular biological techniques to evolutionary and ecological studies. This volume attempts to summarize advances in the field and place into context the wide variety of methods available to ecologists and evolutionary biologists using m...[Read More]

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Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science A Handbook for Field Professionals

Published in: Google Books > Medical > environmental science | Published on 29/Oct/2019 01:11

224 pages , OUP Oxford , 2014-01-30
Environmental public health is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the direct and indirect impact of exposure to environmental hazards on the public's health and wellbeing. Assessing and addressing the risks of chemical, ionising and non-ionising radiation, and noise hazards requires a sound knowledge of toxicology, environme...[Read More]

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