Life is a Ceremony: Every Moment is an Opportunity to Practice , A Podcast by the Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology & Indigenous Culture

Published in: itune > Spirituality,Spirituality,Podcasts,Religion & Spirituality,Health & Fitness,Alternative Health > recycling | Published on 21/Oct/2019 21:05

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YogaKids Educating The Whole Child Through Yoga

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > ecology for kids | Published on 10/Sep/2019 07:36

128 pages , Abrams , 2014-01-01
The innovative YogaKids® program offers more than just poses: It blends traditional yoga and its benefits with new theories of multiple learning styles in a comprehensive, imaginative, and playful approach to education. The best-selling YogaKids® video (a Parent's Choice award winner) has been helping kids--and their parents--discover th...[Read More]

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Refuge , Terry Tempest Williams

Published in: itune > Biographies & Memoirs,Books,Science & Nature,Nature,Self-Development,Health & Fitness > Environmental protection | Published on 09/Sep/2019 00:14

In the spring of 1983 Terry Tempest Williams learned that her mother was dying of cancer. That same season, The Great Salt Lake began to rise to record heights, threatening the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and the herons, owls, and snowy egrets that Williams, a poet and naturalist, had come to gauge her life by. One event was nature at its most random, th...[Read More]

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The Omnivore's Dilemma , Michael Pollan

Published in: itune > Diet & Nutrition,Books,Self-Development,Nonfiction,Social Science,Health & Fitness,Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Environmental protection | Published on 07/Sep/2019 16:44

One of the New York Times Book Review's Ten Best Books of the Year

Winner of the James Beard Award

Author of How to Change Your Mind and the #1 New York Times Bestsellers In Defense of Food and Food Rules

What should we have for dinner? Ten years ago, Michael Poll...[Read More]

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Digestive Wellness for Children How to Strengthen the Immune System & Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > ecology for kids | Published on 20/Aug/2019 02:42

341 pages , Basic Health Publications, Inc. , 2006
Covers nutrition awareness and digestive conditions including food sensitivity and allergies, leaky gut syndrome, colic, reflux, Hirschsprung's Disease, coeliac disease and Crohn's disease.

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Air pollution and health: How will our children continue to breathe?

Published in: youtube > World Health Organization (WHO) > pollution | Published on 08/Jul/2019 12:38

Every day 1.8 billion children breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. In 2016, 600 000 children died from acute lower ...

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WHO: Breathe Life - How air pollution impacts your body

Published in: youtube > World Health Organization (WHO) > pollution | Published on 08/Jul/2019 06:38

Air pollution is an invisible killer that lurks all around us, preying on the young and old. Learn how it slips unnoticed past our body's defenses causing deaths ...

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Ecology and Evolution of the Enigmatic Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus Roratus) (Special Report) (Report) , Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery

Published in: itune > Health & Fitness,Books,Self-Development > environmental engineering | Published on 20/May/2019 05:02

Abstract: Eclectus parrots (Eclectus roratus) exhibit a form of reversed sexual dichromatism (plumage coloration) not found in other birds. The females are a striking vermilion and blue, whereas the males are shiny green. Here, I summarize the major findings of a 10-year research program conducted on a wild population of eclectus parrots on Cape York Peninsula, Aust...[Read More]

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Epidemiology and the Delivery of Health Care Services Methods and Applications

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > Environment care | Published on 07/May/2019 05:49

401 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2001
This completely revised and updated edition of an outstanding text enables students and health care systems managers to keep pace with the explosion of information currently available in the field, stressing its importance for epidemiology. It addresses the fundamental knowledge of epidemiological methods and statistic...[Read More]

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The Gut Balance Revolution , Gerard E. Mullin

Published in: itune > Health & Fitness,Books,Self-Development > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 20:56

Losing weight for good is truly possible with a science-based approach to gut health.

Recent cutting-edge research shows that human intestinal microbiota influence metabolism, appetite, energy, hormones, inflammation, and insulin resistance. Because gut microflora plays a central role in weight management, losing weight is much more than cut...[Read More]

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The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger , Donna Gates & Lyndi Schrecengost

Published in: itune > Diet & Nutrition,Books,Self-Development,Health & Fitness > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 05:41

Regardless of our age, we all want to look and feel younger, healthier, and more alive. That's the goal of The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger: a holistic program that will redesign your relationship to your body and your life.

Expanding on the principles in the landmark bestseller The Body Ecology Diet, this long-awaited book provides...[Read More]

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The Secret Life of Your Microbiome , Susan L. Prescott & Alan C. Logan

Published in: itune > Health & Fitness,Books,Self-Development,Professional & Technical,Medical,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Nature,Ecology > Sustainability | Published on 22/Apr/2019 22:35

Immerse Yourself in Nature and Nourish Your Microbiome for Optimal Health

For too long our bodies have been viewed as capsules, sealed off and protected from 'bugs' by our immune systems and an arsenal of antibiotics, pesticides, processed foods, and antibacterial soaps. The more insulated from nature, the better.

The Secret Life of...[Read More]

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