Novel Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine and Green Energy

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The development of techniques for colloidal nanoparticle synthesis has allowed scientists to fabricate materials that can manipulate light on a scale that is small even compared to the wavelength of the light itself. This ability has led to the development of myriad and diverse applications of nanostructures in wide-ranging fields. This thesis focuses on the investigation and explo...[Read More]

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Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario's Green Energy Act

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42 pages , 2013
The Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act (herein the GEA) was passed in May 2009 with the purpose of addressing environmental concerns and promoting economic growth in Ontario. Its centerpiece is a schedule of subsidized electricity purchase contracts called Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) that provide long-term guarantees of above-market rates for power generated b...[Read More]

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Aboriginal Power Clean Energy and the Future of Canada's First Peoples

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"In writing Aboriginal Power, Chris Henderson has not only changed our national narrative, he has also made a convincing argument that by acting decisively and with verve the rest of Canada can too.

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