The Myth of Progress , Tom Wessels

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Business & Personal Finance,Economics,Ecology > renewable energy | Published on 23/Jul/2019 07:49

In this compelling and cogently argued book, Tom Wessels demonstrates how our current path toward progress, based on continual economic expansion and inefficient use of resources, runs absolutely contrary to three foundational scientific laws that govern all complex natural systems. It is a myth, he contends, that progress depends on a growing economy. Wessels expla...[Read More]

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Energy Resources and Systems Volume 2: Renewable Resources

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > renewable energy | Published on 22/Jul/2019 12:05

727 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2011-06-27
This second volume of Energy Resources and Systems is focused on renewable energy resources. Renewable energy mainly comes from wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, ocean, bioenergy, ethanol and hydrogen. Each of these energy resources is important and growing. For example, high-head hydroelectric energy is a wel...[Read More]

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Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental education | Published on 10/Jun/2019 23:59

250 pages , McGraw Hill Professional , 2002
Describes a variety of careers in the environmental studies fields, providing information on assessing strengths and weaknesses, choosing the ideal location, establishing a standard of living, exploring unusual career paths, identifying the best employers, and other related topics.

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Environmental education and training

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental education | Published on 10/Jun/2019 17:26

127 pages , Avebury , 1998-02

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The European Landing Obligation , Sven Sebastian Uhlmann, Clara Ulrich & Steven J. Kennelly

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Environment,Life Sciences,Business & Personal Finance,Economics,Biology,Nature > Ecology | Published on 10/Jun/2019 16:03

This open access book provides a comprehensive examination of the European Landing Obligation policy from many relevant perspectives. It includes evaluations of its impacts at economical, socio-cultural, ecological and institutional levels. It also discusses the feasibility and benefits of several potential mitigation strategies. The book was timely published, exact...[Read More]

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Marginality , Joachim von Braun & Franz W. Gatzweiler

Published in: itune > Environment,Books,Science & Nature,Business & Personal Finance,Economics,Professional & Technical,Law,Politics & Current Events > environmental engineering | Published on 21/May/2019 01:45

This volume presents new insights on marginality, i.e. the situation of people living on the edge of socio-economic and ecological systems. The marginality concept leads to different development policies. While the prevalence of poverty declined by about 50 percent in the past two decades, any further reduction of poverty will be more difficult, because of high dive...[Read More]

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Conservation Is Our Government Now , Paige West

Published in: itune > Economics,Books,Business & Personal Finance,Politics & Current Events > environmental engineering | Published on 20/May/2019 16:28

A significant contribution to political ecology, Conservation Is Our Government Now is an ethnographic examination of the history and social effects of conservation and development efforts in Papua New Guinea. Drawing on extensive fieldwork conducted over a period of seven years, Paige West focuses on the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, the site of ...[Read More]

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Mastercard's Chief Sustainability Officer Kristina Kloberdanz On The Future Of Business

Published in: youtube > Miami Business School > Sustainability | Published on 06/May/2019 23:16

In the #SustainableMiami series, we profile the leaders, companies and organizations that are shaping the future of South Florida and our planet. Become a top ...

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Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology (Unabridged) , Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay & Mickey McManus

Published in: itune > Business & Personal Finance, > Environmental protection | Published on 30/Apr/2019 14:22

? ? 2013 MAYA Design, Inc. 2013-03-10T08:00:00Z USA
We are facing a future of unbounded complexity. Whether that complexity is harnessed to build a world that is safe, pleasant, humane and profitable, or whether it causes us to careen off a cliff into an abyss of mind-numbing junk is an open question. The challenges and opportunities - technical, business, and human - that...[Read More]

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Global Warming The Complete Briefing

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > global warming | Published on 29/Apr/2019 18:45

438 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2009-04-16
John Houghton explores the scientific basis of global warming and the likely impacts of climate change on human society, then addresses the question of what action might be taken by governments, industry, and by individuals to mitigate the effects.

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Biomimicry , Janine M Benyus

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Nature,Business & Personal Finance > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 13:26

This profound and accessible book details how science is studying nature's best ideas to solve our toughest 21st-century problems.

If chaos theory transformed our view of the universe, biomimicry is transforming our life on Earth. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature - taking advantage of evolution's 3.8 billion years of R&D since the first bac...[Read More]

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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.
This book defines the new field of "Bioeconomy" as the sustainable and innovative use of biomass and biological knowledge to provide food, feed, industrial products, bioenergy and ecological services. The chapters highlight the importance of bioeconomy-related concepts in public, scientific, and political disc...[Read More]

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