The Biosphere Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

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128 pages , 1977
Discussion of our planet's life-sustaining environment, based on the ancient Greek concept of the four elements - earth, air, fire, water.

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Earth & Environmental Science for Middle and High School Educators

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792 pages , 2010
Materials for a workshop on teaching forest ecology held by the Pisgah Forest Institute on July 11-16, 2010. Includes lesson plans and activities.

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Where Does Lightning & Thunder Come from? Weather for Kids (Preschool & Big Children Guide) , Baby Professor

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The understanding of weather will bring so many benefits. Weather is linked to several phenomena that changed and will change the world. Weather patterns will also dictate the choice of clothing and even warn of impending severe disturbances that could damage properties. In this book, we're going to dive into some cool facts about the subject. Grab a copy now!

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The Atmosphere

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48 pages , Benchmark Education Company , 2010-01-01
A look at the atmosphere, its composition, and the natural and human processes that effect it.

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