Saving Stuff How to Care for and Preserve Your Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Other Prized Possessions

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338 pages , Simon and Schuster , 2005-06-02
A Smithsonian senior conservator shares professional advice on how to safeguard and maintain collectibles, from art and family heirlooms to sports memorabilia and antiques, in a guide complemented by insider information on how the Smithsonian Institution cares for national treasures. Original. 50,000 first printing.

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A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology 1450 to 2000

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457 pages , Oxford University Press , 2008
In the first dictionary of its kind a leading expert on English manuscripts defines some 1,500 terms, including types of manuscript, their physical features, writing implements, writing surfaces, scribes, scripts, postal markings, and seals, as well as those relating to literature, bibliography, editing, dating, conservation, ca...[Read More]

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Recycling and Redesigning Logos

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192 pages , Rockport Publishers , 2010-09-01
This title demonstrates the strategies and processes of successful redesigns and shows readers how to build on the equity the brand already retains to create a fresh look. The case studies feature before and afters of the logos and discuss why the redesign was necessary.

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The Care of Fine Books

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160 pages , Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. , 2014-06-03
The Care of Fine Books is a thorough, readable guide to caring for books of value. From a discussion of the various techniques and materials used in bookbinding to advice on handling and storage, Jane Greenfield has created a succinct yet complete resource for anyone who wants to preserve and protect their fine books. Wh...[Read More]

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