I Had a Favorite Dress

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 23:30

32 pages , Abrams , 2011-10-01
Open up a fresh and stylish story about growing up and keeping hold of your favorite memories. As the year passes, the narrator’s favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes, from dress to shirt to tank top to scarf and so on, until all that’s left of it is a good memory. Assisted by her patient and crafty mama, the narrato...[Read More]

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Anywhere Artist

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 21:30

43 pages , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , 2018
"I don't need paint or paper. I can make art anywhere. My imagination is all I need." In spare, delightful text and illustrations, an exuberant artist makes art from found objects and the world around her. This sprightly picture book celebrates creativity and will inspire readers to find art all around them, unleash their imagi...[Read More]

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Busy Railway

Published in: Google Books > > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 20:27

10 pages , Campbell Books , 2019-01-24
With lots to see in Busy Railway, children can have fun as they hop aboard a train, pulling and turning the tabs! Enjoy watching the steam puff out of an engine, going through a crossing and chugging along the tracks. Children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and wonderful illustra...[Read More]

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Marli's Tangled Tale A True Story About Plastic In Our Oceans

Published in: Google Books > > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 20:19

36 pages , Wild Tribe Heroes , 2017-12-14

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I Can Save the Earth! One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Published in: Google Books > Ecology > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 20:01

0 pages , Paw Prints , 2009-07-10
Excessive in everything he does, Max learns an important lesson about the fragile state of the environment after he causes a power outage--inspiring him to work with others to become more "green" in order to help save the planet that he loves. Original.

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Peak Plastic: The Rise or Fall of Our Synthetic World

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 20:00

152 pages , ABC-CLIO , 2018-11-02
Shows why plastics, in aggregate, have become a toxin to humans, wildlife, and the planet, and proposes novel solutions that involve neither traditional recycling nor giving up plastic. • Provides a realistic solution for our use of plastic: not to eliminate it, but to innovate it • Views plastic not only as a known environmental and...[Read More]

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HOPE: 50 Ways to Help Our Planet Every Day

Published in: Google Books > Conservation of natural resources > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 17:59

178 pages , Random House Australia , 2020-08
Did you know your food travels an average of 4000 kilometres to get to you? Have you ever wondered where exactly 'away' is when you throw something away? Or what happens to the 3 billion drink cans Australians go through in a year? Think you can't do anything about climate change? Have HOPE! Having hope means that we can make ...[Read More]

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The Jack Reacher Cases (The Right Man For Revenge)

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 16:03

147 pages , Slogan Books LLC , 2022-08-29
JACK REACHER IS DEAD. OR IS HE? In this fast-paced, riveting thriller, former FBI agent and current private investigator Lauren Pauling receives a mysterious message saying Jack Reacher is dead. The body of a man was found and in his pocket was a toothbrush and an ATM card with the name Jack Reacher. Soon, Pauling is on the hunt ...[Read More]

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Captain Plop and the Tour de Recycle

Published in: Google Books > Sewage > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 15:44

31 pages , 2013
For primary school age.

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Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint

Published in: Google Books > Beaches > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 13:13

25 pages , 2010
While visiting the beach, Sandy is horrified by the mess left by other visitors and starts to clean up, and a local environmentalist tells her about limiting her footprint--the effect that how she lives leaves on the environment.

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Duffy's Lucky Escape A True Story About Plastic In Our Oceans

Published in: Google Books > Creative nonfiction > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 13:03

36 pages , Wild Tribe Heroes , 2017-08-18
Duffy's lucky escape is an engaging story about the global problem of ocean plastic, highlighting to children the relationship between humans and wildlife and the dangers animals face in their own natural habitats. Stunning artwork captures the imagination of young readers and brings to life a very real threat to our oceans.

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Liver Pathophysiology Therapies and Antioxidants

Published in: Google Books > Medical > recycling | Published on 22/May/2023 09:42

914 pages , Academic Press , 2017-03-02
Liver Pathophysiology: Therapies and Antioxidants is a complete volume on morphology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and treatment of liver diseases. It uses an integral approach towards the role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of hepatic injury, and how their deleterious effects may be abrogated by the use of ant...[Read More]

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