Human Microbial Ecology

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162 pages , CRC Press , 2020-08-11
The aim of this comprehensively written volume is to provide a baseline of information on the normal microflora at various sites in the body. It focuses on the mouth, upper digestive tract, large intestine, skin, and urinogenital tract. Written in an easy-to-read format, this book highlights the level of detail available. For example, it explains that in the mouth and colon the data are extremely detailed and good quantitative information is available on large numbers of bacterial species. This work analyzes the similarities and differences between the microfloras of the various "internal" surfaces, and discusses the clear value of good taxonomy. It focuses on problems and extended research in the progress at other sites. Because this work researches the advances and discoveries made in specific areas of human microbial ecology, it is an ideal source for all who are involved in microbiology, bacteriology, and infectious diseases.

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