Environmental Pollution, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development Issues and Remediation

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302 pages , CRC Press , 2020-01-28
Environmental Pollution, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development: Issues and Remediation provides an extensive summary of biodiversity. It is the result of the assistance of environmentalists, researchers, policy experts, and academicians from across the globe sharing their research and knowledge on biodiversity and ways to mitigate the threat from climate change, over-utilization of natural resources, pollution, and more. The volume considers that biodiversity encompasses a wide range of biological processes, ranging from genetic diversity, species, populations, communities and ecosystems to landscapes and regions. This book, written by a panel of international experts in biodiversity, conservation biology, and evolution from different countries, including Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Russia, and others, highlights the human impact on biodiversity hotspots on a global scale. The volume provides an abundance of valuable research for faculty, students, and researchers in environmental sciences, government agencies, and many others.

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