Environmental issues for the Gulf oil, water and sustainable development

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124 pages , Royal Institute of International Affairs , 1999
The imperative to protect the global environment poses a mix of problems for Gulf energy producers. Dependent as they are on revenues from oil sales, the Gulf states are bound to be affected by internationally adopted measures to combat global warming. In the interests of sustainable development, they have their own concerns about combining economic growth and resource management. Shortages of fresh water and protection of the Gulf eco-system call for multilateral cooperation. All of these issues received expert attention in a seminar organized by the Research and Studies Division of the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi, in association with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in November 1998. This book brings together the insights of the specialists assembled for that seminar and lays the groundwork for a strategy of sustainable development for the United Arab Emirates and its neighbors into the twenty-first century.

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