Environmental Protection Plan for a Region

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156 pages , LAP Lambert Academic Publishing , 2011-12
Environmental protection plan is a factor that cannot be taken separate from the National economic development plan. It is a fact that even the "environmental protection plan" does not function, although people have cared a lot about natural resource conservation, waste prevention, environmental protection etc. In 1991, the Government of Vietnam issued the National Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development plan. This is the first National strategical document dealing with environmental protection and natural resource usage. "The National Environmental Protection from 2001 to 2010" was prepared by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (now, the Ministry of Resources and Environment). There were many years of correction, the Government of Vietnam issued "the National Environmental Protection from 2001 to 2010" by Decision No 256-2003-Q?-TTg dated December 2nd, 2003. We carried out this study to orient schemes for environmental protection for the many stages of development of this urban area. -To strengthen the desired effects of environmental protection for this urban. -To put forward solutions to improve the environmental situation for this urban.

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