Conservation Ecology Society (UoA)

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Hey Everyone! I was planning to start a student club at UoA for ecologists and people wanting to participate in conservation. Basically the cunning plan is: * Get as many like minded fun people to join and meet semi-regularly * Get the undergrads and postgrads to socialise more * Organise training on practical ecological tasks such as mist netting, banding, bird song ID, bird/lizard/invert surveying, plant propagation etc. * Organise a volunteer network so that the poor postgrads have minions to help them with their projects and the undergrads gain experience. * Build relationships with external organisations ie DOC, Arc, Auckland Zoo. * Go out regularly as a group and help community groups with the basic restoration work and hopefully some of the more skilled jobs * Have debauched insane times in nature. What do you guys think? Does anyone want a seat of power such as Treasurer or Secretary? Does anyone have any great ideas?

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