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This is not meant as a site for medical information and advertising, diverse opinions are welcomed as well as Biological facts. We cherish objectivity. Some of our objectives are : 1.non political group about natural seeds , 2. seed collection information 3. the restoration of indigenous plants for natural diversity 4.cultivation and soil restoration 5. plant physiology 6. grafting, cuttings, bulb splitting and plant propagation 7. DNA carried in seeds and the correlations This is an english group, please submit entries with a translation, if need be. We welcome posts from all perspectives, and are looking for objectivity in our objective platform. It is a posting group and not a discussion or lecture group. This group is not meant for medical advice or to provide scientific validity, and objectivity. Ancient as well as contemporary posts are presented, not as medical advice but rather as anthropological traditions only Please do your own investigations and check and validate your conclusions from more technical sites ,if you are looking for a specific routine or treatment .

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