Environmental Management (2nd Edition)

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336 pages , 2003-01-01
Second Revised & Enlarged EditionENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT is a neat and comprehensive presentation of a multi-disciplinary subject, treated from both national and global perspectives.Starting with the basics of every branch of science as it relates to the environment, the author goes to expound on human interference with the environment and the impact of man and technology on the environment. He follows with an explanation of the concept of environmental management and ends with examples of practical environmental management of particular sectors like urban land management, watershed management, agricultural management, hill area management and coastal-zone management.A product of the author s extensive, ten-year research related to enhance the primary productivity of the aquatic ecosystem, bioremediation, waste-water purification through ecological principles, aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, molecular toxicology and environmental management, this authoritative book is bound to find favour with students, teachers and practitioners of Environmental Management.

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