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We want to save the planet, and realize our yards may be the only place to do it. So lets start a wave, and patch all our food forests, farms and native habitats together? The GreenwayV is a global quilt of yards, businesses, parks and businesses from sea to shining sea, and overseas, and in the seas, embracing every precious ecology and restoring our web of life better than before. We should be the stewards of the planet, not the chief predators, or passive consumers. Invite all your friends, family and acquaintances to rebuild our native habitat and plant edibles on every property they have access to. Help them. Ask for help. Start with one plant, maybe one native flower that attracts butterflies, or one easy edible, like a tomato. As our numbers grow, soon we'll have a GreenwayV that weaves all our private properties into a single, interconnected greenway of wildflower gardens, food plots, meadows, forests, water sources, wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Instead of ribbons of mowed lawns from sea to shining sea, concrete jungles, clear cut forests, parking lots and trashed waterways, we'd like to see a global quilt of wildlife habitats, food gardens and nature viewing areas. Why? Gardens that showcase native plants will save our web of life, preserve our biological heritage and protect our unique ecologies. Stand up for your health, safety and environment and "do the GreenwayV." Please free to post your yard successes, give tips, and seek help for problem areas. Goals: Our 1st goal is to help educate the public on how to identify, eradicate, and replace non-native invasive plant species and other threats to our local biodiversity and ecology. It's a shame that nurseries still sell invasives that choke our native plants, hurting our wildlife, watersheds and web of life. Our 2nd goal is to model low-maintenance, low-mow, low-water, no-chemical gardens and landscapes that are high in biodiversity, and require few or no power tools and chemicals. Our 3rd goal is creating enough high-visibility native landscapes for a "Tour of Native & Edible Homes & Gardens!"

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