Rattlesnake Research and Conservation Initiative

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Our primary mission here at Rattlesnake Research and Conservation Interactive is to conduct field based research focusing on quantitative and qualitative natural history data and or Ecology of Crotalus ssp, (Rattlesnakes). To improve our knowledge of the Natural history and or Ecology of Crotalus ssp, (Rattlesnakes). Disseminate our findings to the scientific community through peer-reviewed publications (e.g., journals, book chapters) and presentations at scientific meetings. Combined with open up dialog with the public to discuss and/or frame various topic including dynamics of rattlesnake populations and the effect of human use/exploitation on the various species and their environment. The important role of Crotalus ssp, (Rattlesnakes), have in the ecosystem. Short term goals - 1. Population study of Crotalus atrox. (Citizen science project) - http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/crotalus-atrox-population-study 2. To document man interaction with Crotalus ssp, and (Rattlesnakes). Long term Goals - 1. Database 2. Long term Population studies. 3. To publish papers on the effects of rattlesnake round up have on the Ecology.

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