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A Voice for Earth is a group for anyone wanting to post articles and petitions of an environmental or socio-environmental nature. I will be pulling together petitions, donation appeals, and appeals to write to political, corporate, and media leaders involved in environmental matters. Articles in regards climate change, pesticides and the decline of pollinators, GMOs water depletion, air pollution, fracking, tar sands, deforestation, indigenous rights, social justice, species extinction, overfishing, whaling, culling, and poaching are all welcome. Any with a keen interest in protecting our Earth and our environment from the global down to the local level are welcome. However, non-scientific posts will not be tolerated including but not limited to climate change denial. Equally anyone posting about Near-term human extinction will have their posts removed. Also not accepted are posts pertaining to general politics, especially of a highly polarizing nature that have no environmental aspects. Spiritual or religious posts advocating a certain belief system without relation to these beliefs' role in stewardship of Earth are not welcome. Health and dietary posts that do not mention these choices role in helping the Earth are not relevant. Posts about meditation and personal wellbeing are not relevant. Posts about nature, cute animals, natural cycles in nature like the seasons, or astronomical events, while not totally irrelevant, should be kept to a minimum. Astrology posts are totally irrelevant. Also it goes without saying that conspiracy theories such as 9/11, chemtrails, agenda 21, racism and bigotry, abusive behaviour towards other members, spamming, and advertising or self-promotion without my approval will not be tolerated and from now on will be one strike and out offences. Please post articles whether they be news or scientific if you think they are relevant to the group but if anyone has a petition or appeal, they will be especially relevant to what I hope to achieve with this group.

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