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Welcome all new members of the group! Please read the group description (below) for a couple of rules we have. We hope you enjoy the group and find it helpful for your research and/or studies. "Ideally, this group will facilitate interactions among students and researchers working on Neotropical mammals. All kinds of *academic* contributions related to *Neotropical mammalogy* are welcome. Please pay special attention to the words "academic", "Neotropical" and "mammalogy"; messages irrelevant for the study of Neotropical mammals will be deleted. Members who add comments or posts irrelevant to Neotropical Mammalogy, or with clearly offensive content, or merely promoting lucrative activities or selling goods (e.g., books) will be permanently banned. Do not post messages to promote NGOs, lodges, or activities pertaining to ecoturism. Feel free to promote workshops of potential interest for mammalogists, but make sure you make available the names of the instructors and content/program. Also feel free to advertise scientific meetings. Please do not post the same advertisement of a scientific meeting more than once per month. Feel free to share your scientific publications (but read below). Please note this group is not associated to any organization (e.g., ASM, SAREM, etc), and it is simply an informal mean for mammalogists to communicate and share academic information. Regarding file sharing: Users are responsible for what they share in this group, not the Neotropical Mammalogy Facebook Group (NMFG). All files shared in the NMFG are for private study only. When members download files from this group, they are automatically agreeing to comply with United States copyright law (Title 17, United States Code), such that the files are not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." Administrators: Eliécer E. Gutiérrez, Ph.D. Universidade de Brasília and National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution Paúl M. Velazco, Ph.D. American Museum of Natural History

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