Should the title mislead you into thinking that this book is about Maine's rocky coast and its brilliant autumn foliage, then you are entirely incorrect. 

The real story is the global crisis that the world is now experiencing. Some politicians and scientists call it urban sprawl, others environmental mismanagement, others the greenhouse effect, others global warming, others desertification, still others overpopulation and as we have more recently witnessed, a catastrophic human migration from Saharan Africa and the Middle East into the European Union, and recently suicide ISIS bombing in Paris.

Whatever one chooses to call it, the crisis is bad, very bad, and it is only going to become even worse. The very survival of Planet Earth is at risk and the best that I understand, according to NASA, the nearest other habitable world is about five-hundred light years away, or so they believe. We had better take good care of ours because its going to be a long time before the Starship Enterprise is christened.

What does Maine have to do with all of this? It was my inspiration to write my newest publication, an environmental essay, rather than one of my usual and boring travel books. 

Maine is one of the few areas left in this nation where in places, one still has the opportunity to experience pre-Columbian America as it was before European arrivals all but exterminated Native Americans and destroyed the great Eastern Woodlands.

The songs, New York, New York, performed by Frank Sinatra, Ashokan Farewell, composed by Mr. Jay Unger. Thank God I'm A Country Boy and Back Home Again, performed by John Denver, all were legally purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Store for inclusion in this publication.

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