Peak Plastic: The Rise or Fall of Our Synthetic World

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152 pages , ABC-CLIO , 2018-11-02
Shows why plastics, in aggregate, have become a toxin to humans, wildlife, and the planet, and proposes novel solutions that involve neither traditional recycling nor giving up plastic. • Provides a realistic solution for our use of plastic: not to eliminate it, but to innovate it • Views plastic not only as a known environmental and health hazard but as a material critical to our future and therefore worth revising for future use • Explains what we must do—and by when—in order to be able to keep using plastic without harming the planet or our health • Shows the links between the environmental, toxicological, and socioeconomic challenges in our use of plastic, and how these dangers can be remedied by supply chain innovation • Introduces two significant disruptive innovations that if implemented, will save us from the growing problem posed by synthetics

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