Storage and Hybridization of Nuclear Energy Techno-economic Integration of Renewable and Nuclear Energy

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300 pages , Academic Press , 2018-11-22
Storage and Hybridization of Nuclear Energy: Techno-economic Integration of Renewable and Nuclear Energy provides a unique analysis of the storage and hybridization of nuclear and renewable energy. Editor Bindra and his team of expert contributors present various global methodologies to obtain the techno-economic feasibility of the integration of storage or hybrid cycles in nuclear power plants. Aimed at those studying, researching and working in the nuclear engineering field, this book offers nuclear reactor technology vendors, nuclear utilities workers and regulatory commissioners a very unique resource on how to access reliable, flexible and clean energy from variable-generation. Presents a unique view on the technologies and systems available to integrate renewables and nuclear energy Provides insights into the different methodologies and technologies currently available for the storage of energy Includes case studies from well-known experts working on specific integration concepts around the world

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