Biofuels: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Global Warming Next Generation Biofuels and Role of Biotechnology

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 02/Jun/2020 05:35

432 pages , Springer , 2019-06-07
This timely book is a compilation of edited articles by distinguished international scientists discussing global warming, its causes as well as present and future solutions. Social and economic growth at global level is measured in terms of GDP, which requires energy inputs generally based on fossil fuel resources. These, however, are ma...[Read More]

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CHF-11S BMW Power steering Top off alternative CHF-11S CHF7.1 CHF202

Published in: youtube > Junior_ E60_ > alternative power | Published on 02/Jun/2020 04:17

Alternitive for buying bmw CHF-11S cost $25 you can buy this prestone 6$ for topping off or low powersteering fluid this is CHF-11S compatible and other CHF- ...

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Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > > global warming | Published on 02/Jun/2020 02:54

229 pages , 2001
This thriller follows the attempts by a ruthlessly ambitious rich businessman to stage a coup in an oil rich island state.

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Ukraine Alternative Energy Boost: Eco-friendly power plant opens in Mykolaiv

Published in: youtube > UKRAINE TODAY > alternative power | Published on 02/Jun/2020 02:32

An new alternative energy production plant using biolfuels has opened in Ukraine's Mykolaiv region. The plant, which uses sunflower husks, tree branches and ...

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Alternative Electrical Energy Sources FREE ENERGY- OFF GRID- SOLAR POWER

Published in: youtube > True Solar Power > alternative power | Published on 02/Jun/2020 01:41

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO - Solar Power, is one of the most available sources on the planet. However, being an intermittent source of ...

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Global Warming A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > global warming | Published on 02/Jun/2020 01:33

230 pages , 2019-06-25
Global Warming is a complex thriller with Garry Willmott's trademark mix of fact, fiction and projection. From the death of one man, pilot Ericson, the story builds to a tsunami of blackmail, terrorism, compromise and revenge... and that's before the Russian mafia gets in on the act! If you've enjoyed Garry's other novels, you'll love Global Warming. Just ...[Read More]

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When the Planet Rages Natural Disasters, Global Warming and the Future of the Earth

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 02/Jun/2020 01:03

227 pages , Oxford University Press , 2009-08-28
In New England, 1816 was called the Year Without a Summer. Crops failed throughout America and, in Western Europe, it was even worse, with food riots and armed groups raiding bakeries and grain markets. All this turmoil followed a catastrophic volcanic eruption--a year earlier on the other side of the world--the eruption o...[Read More]

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Alternative Center of Power - 12th Class Political Science - Important Questions - NCERT - CBSE

Published in: youtube > Goodwill Education > alternative power | Published on 02/Jun/2020 00:49

The video has been uploaded for better understanding of the topic ! Go through the link for following Chapters Part A Cold War Era ...

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Fighting Global Warming: A Problematic Economic Integration Explaining the daunting economic plan behind COP21

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > global warming | Published on 01/Jun/2020 23:55

126 pages , Vincent Lannoye , 2020-01-12

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Published in: youtube > Aliaa Mahasan > alternative power | Published on 01/Jun/2020 23:16

This research project is conducted to produce a dry cell that uses natural ingredients without polluting nature and is renewable and reduces pollution cases that ...

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Migrations , Charlotte McConaghy

Published in: itune > Literary,Books,Fiction & Literature > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jun/2020 22:04

"Migrations is as beautiful and as wrenching as anything I've ever read. This is an extraordinary novel by a wildly talented writer." --Emily St. John Mandel

"I recommend Migrations with my whole heart."
--Geraldine Brooks

For fans of Flight Behavior and Station Eleven, a novel set on the brink of ca...[Read More]

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The Hidden Lives of Owls , Leigh Calvez

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jun/2020 20:30

A New York Times bestseller for fans of H is for Hawk
Join naturalist Leigh Calvez as she explores the secret world of owls, from owl-watching to avian science--often in the dead of night. These creatures have a certain mystery about them, which is just part of what makes them so fascinating. Calvez relays scientific facts ...[Read More]

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