Master Ecology & Ecosystems

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yo! die gruppe ist dazu gedacht, dringende fragen zu klären, interessante und relevante termine und infos zu teilen und was sonst noch so anfällt =)

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Gaivna 1 , Tadd Rosenfeld

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Start winning. When you want. Where you want.

Influence is easy when you apply brilliant tactics and strategies. Persuasive people are consistently successful. To be one of them, you need to read this book now.

This is the exquisite level one text by a Yale University scholar that instantly became the international best seller at Symposiums! [Read More]

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Holy Family Catholic School , Holy Family Catholic School Staff

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In 2016 Holy Family Catholic School, Parafield Gardens submitted an iBook to Apple in order to become an Apple Distinguished School. Our successfully submission highlighted the transformative practice and use of Apple technology at our school. This book looks deeply at Apple's five best practices; visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing profe...[Read More]

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Recycling Yard Waste Toronto Canada

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Here is a link for Work Done Linear System Example.

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The Theory of Ecological Communities (MPB-57) , Mark Vellend

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A plethora of different theories, models, and concepts make up the field of community ecology. Amid this vast body of work, is it possible to build one general theory of ecological communities? What other scientific areas might serve as a guiding framework? As it turns out, the core focus of community ecology--understanding patterns of diversity and composition of b...[Read More]

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Ecology, Zoology & Botany jobs

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Join this group to view job vacancies etc. for Australian Ecologists, Zoologists and Botanists. This group is intended mainly for people who hold degrees in Botany, Zoology, Ecology or equivalent, and who are eligible to work in Australia. This group is provided by 'NRM jobs' - Australia's niche advertising outlet for opportunities in the environment, water and natural resource management field....[Read More]

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Rubbish and Recycling Step-by-Step

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80 pages , Gecko , 2009
Do you know how long a piece of chewing gum takes to break down? Or a soft-drink can? And what happens to milk cartons, tissues or plastic bags once you've used them? Rubbish and Recycling Step-by-Step tells you everything about rubbish that you didn't know you wanted to know! The first two titles in an award winning French Science series, Recycli...[Read More]

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Trash Free Earth Volunteers

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Welcome to Trash Free Earth Volunteers Facebook Group. This private group is a place for the Trash Free Earth community to come together, communicate, share ideas, and join/host cleanups. Many people are currently working on their Trash Free Earth challenge patch and one of the requirements is to a host a cleanup. This will be a place where you can share any cleanup you host or join a cleanup. Th...[Read More]

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Pacific Northwest Wildcrafting

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This group is open to anybody with an interest in wild foods. Foods that you can't get at the local grocery store but that maybe will appear at the local farmer's market... in season. By foods, we mean Healing Herbs as well... And foods for the soul: Spiritual Elixirs or Arts & Crafts We're looking for stories about the bumper 'crop', finding that first edible bolete of the season or trying ou...[Read More]

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Recycling Your Electronics – What you Need to Know

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How can you recycle your old electronics, and why should you do it? Sponsor message: Sign in to the True Key app with your face or fingerprint — True Key logs you in everywhere else. For...

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PALLMANN - Scrap tire recycling system

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For more information please visit our website: Recycling of scrap tires is the business for specialists....

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Deep in the Desert

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32 pages , Arbordale Pub , 2011
Presents information about common desert animals which is presented in variations of familiar children's songs, in a text that includes learning activities.

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