Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings On Ecology and Conservation , Aldo Leopold & Curt Meine

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences > recycling | Published on 14/May/2018 00:57

A pioneering forester, sportsman, wildlife manager, and ecologist, Aldo Leopold was also a gifted writer whose farsighted land ethic is proving increasingly relevant in our own time. Now, his essential contributions to our literature--some hard-to-find or previously unpublished--are gathered in a single volume for the first time. Here is Leopold's classic A ...[Read More]

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Thorp and Covich's Freshwater Invertebrates , James H. Thorp & D. Christopher Rogers MD, MBA

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology,Environment > recycling | Published on 13/May/2018 15:03

Readers familiar with the first three editions of Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates (edited by J.H. Thorp and A.P. Covich) will welcome the comprehensive revision and expansion of that trusted professional reference manual and educational textbook from a single North American tome into a developing multi-volume series cover...[Read More]

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Water & the City, Citygreen Issue 5 , Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology, Singapore The Editorial Team

Published in: itune > Art & Architecture,Books,Arts & Entertainment > recycling | Published on 13/May/2018 05:31

CITYGREEN, winner of the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for three consecutive years - 2014, 2013 and 2012, is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology, Singapore. It presents current research on greening and ecology of the urban environment, and features outstanding green projects in international cities. This issue provides a ba...[Read More]

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Nature's Architect , Jim Crumley

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology,Lifestyle & Home,Pets > recycling | Published on 12/May/2018 04:00

"Sublime writing... a genuinely important book" --Ken Lussey.

Hundreds of years after their extinction in these isles, beavers are back in Britain. These highly skilled engineers of the natural world have been reintroduced at several sites across the UK and, even as they become established, are already having a dramatic effect on our wild landscapes. [Read More]

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Ecology of Fear , Mike Davis

Published in: itune > Sociology,Books,Nonfiction,Social Science,Politics & Current Events,Public Administration > recycling | Published on 11/May/2018 16:43

A witty and engrossing look at Los Angeles' urban ecology and the city's place in America's cultural fantasies

Earthquakes. Wildfires. Floods. Drought. Tornadoes. Snakes in the sea, mountain lions, and a plague of bees. In this controversial tour de force of scholarship, unsparing vision, and inspired writing, Mike Davis, the author of City of Q...[Read More]

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La haie dans le Bocage urbain , Roger Latour

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature > recycling | Published on 08/May/2018 11:53

Comment favoriser la biodiversité en milieu urbain densément construit?
L'étude de l'histoire des paysages de la région montre qu'il y avait (et qu'il ya toujours) un bocage ŕ Montréal. Un élément paysager caractéristique du bocage est la haie, d'abord agricole puis urbaine. Plusieurs soulignent l'intéręt des services écosystémiques rendus par la biodiversité ...[Read More]

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Ecology , Roger Prior

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature > recycling | Published on 06/May/2018 22:41

Ecology begins by considering the energy flow through an ecosystem with its presentation of the Laws of Thermodynamics, energy pyramids, food chains and food webs. It considers the interrelationship between photosynthesis and respiration before it focuses on the biology of populations. This part of the unit highlights the rates of change in populations, dynam...[Read More]

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Conservation Is Our Government Now , Paige West

Published in: itune > Economics,Books,Business & Personal Finance,Politics & Current Events > recycling | Published on 03/May/2018 22:15

A significant contribution to political ecology, Conservation Is Our Government Now is an ethnographic examination of the history and social effects of conservation and development efforts in Papua New Guinea. Drawing on extensive fieldwork conducted over a period of seven years, Paige West focuses on the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, the site of ...[Read More]

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Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology: Analysis of distribution, abundance and species richness in R and BUGS (Enhanced Edition) , Marc Kery & J. Andrew Royle

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Professional & Technical,Engineering,Environmental Engineering,Ecology > recycling | Published on 02/May/2018 13:35


Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology: Distribution, Abundance, Species Richness offers a new synthesis of the state-of-the-art of hierarchical models for plant and animal distribution, abundance, and community characteristics such as species richness using data collected in metapopulation designs. These types of data are extremely widespread...[Read More]

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Why Penguins Communicate , Pierre Jouventin & F.Stephen Dobson

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology > recycling | Published on 02/May/2018 06:27

Why Penguins Communicate: The Evolution of Visual and Vocal Signals is a comprehensive and condensed review of several hundred publications on the evolution of penguin behaviors, particularly signaling, linking genetics and ecology via such behavioral adaptations as nuptial displays. This exciting work has developed from the authors' many years researching on...[Read More]

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The Thomson Ecology Handbook , Richard Arnold

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature > recycling | Published on 01/May/2018 21:19


The world's biodiversity is highly valued but is also highly threatened by various types of human activity. As a consequence, statutory measures are in place to protect habitats and wildlife. These measures range from global to local, and give protection to whole ecosystems or single species.

Because there are now legal ob...[Read More]

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En finir avec le déni de nature et passer au monde d'aprčs.

Pollution de l'air, de l'eau, des sols, dérčglement climatique, dégradation de la biodiversité, maladies respiratoires, cancers... la pollution est partout. En seulement deux sičcles, nous avons produit le fléau de nos sociétés modernes. Est-ce cela le progrčs ? Comment pouvons-nous donner...[Read More]

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