33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask

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320 pages , Crown Forum , 2007-07-10
Guess what? The Indians didn’t save the Pilgrims from starvation by teaching them to grow corn. Thomas Jefferson thought states’ rights—an idea reviled today—were even more important than the Constitution’s checks and balances. The “Wild” West was more peaceful and a lot safer than most modern cities. And the biggest sca...[Read More]

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Lighting for an Improved Environment of Care

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Making lighting a priority, with the Better Buildings Alliance, Northwestern University and Pacific NW National Laboratory.

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Nursing, Caring, and Complexity Science For Human Environment Well-Being

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432 pages , Springer Publishing Company , 2011-01-28
2011 AJN Book of the Year Winner in Professional Development and Issues! "This collected scholarship...will inform the personal/professional evolution of caring and nursing into this century and beyond, inviting new visions of the evolved human in the world of practice, education, research, administration, and clinical...[Read More]

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The Nation Magazine Does Not Care About the Environment

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The Nation Magazine pretends to care about the environment, even doing a 100% environmental magazine for Earth Day 2014, but real environmental solutions are not allowed, not even as a paid ad.

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Mark Nelson, PhD, has worked for several decades in closed ecological systems research. As one of eight brave souls enclosed in the pioneering Biosphere 2 experiment for two years in 1991-1993, Nelson learned fi rst hand how essential the proper use of human waste is to the health of the planet. This realization, combined with his lifelong love aff air with construc...[Read More]

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Empowering Frail Elderly People Opportunities and Impediments in Housing, Health, and Support Service Delivery

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282 pages , Praeger Publishers , 2001
A unique analysis of the obstacles to and possible solutions toward the empowerment of frail elderly persons.

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Care for Orchids : Creating the Proper Environment for Your Orchid

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Learn how to create the right environment for your orchid plant in this free video guide to caring for an orchid. Expert: Gayle Zubek Bio: Gayle Zubek has been collecting orchids for 10 years....

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Third International Conference on System Science in Health Care Troisième Conférence Internationale sur la Science des Systèmes dans le Domaine de la Santé

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 14/Aug/2018 07:17

1451 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-12-06
In the early stages of planning the Third International Conference in System Science in Health Care, the steering committee members, most of whom had participated in the first conference in Paris (1976) and the second in Montreal (1980), made some basic decisions about organization of subject matter. The earlier...[Read More]

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Managing Client Care

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 14/Aug/2018 03:18

415 pages , Elsevier Health Sciences , 2004
Providing a focus on the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful first-line manager, this unique text emphasizes successful client care by addressing the role of nurses in managing quality and the available resources needed. It also discusses each of the essential components of the manager of care role, as well as th...[Read More]

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The Earth Under Threat A Christian Perspective

Published in: Google Books > Ecology > Environment care | Published on 13/Aug/2018 14:36

94 pages , Wild Goose Publications , 1996
Ghillean Prance, Director of Kew Gardens, applies his immeasurable knowledge as a botanist and scientist and his deeply held Christian beliefs to the basic questions surrounding our destruction of the earth and what we can do to change course.

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Kids Talk Take Care Of Your Environment

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Kids Talk is a program sponsored by 12 Habits For Wonderful people and the Digital Media Center at the Icehouse. We can't say enough thanks to the staff for helping our kids learn how to operate...

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