Renewable resources and renewable energy a global challenge

Published in: Google Books > Nature > renewable energy | Published on 25/Jun/2018 09:30

368 pages , CRC , 2007
As energy demands continue to surge worldwide, the need for more efficient and environmentally neutral energy production also becomes increasingly apparent. Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy: A Global Challengepresents a well-rounded perspective on the development of bio-based feedstocks, biodegradable plastics, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, ...[Read More]

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RE-GREENING the Planet with Global Warming and CO2

Published in: youtube > TheHealthRanger > global warming | Published on 25/Jun/2018 08:35

Science educator Mike Adams reveals how RE-GREENING the planet is accomplished with slight global warming and higher concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Learn more at

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Introduction to Earth and Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > Columbia Engineering > environmental engineering | Published on 25/Jun/2018 08:22

The field of Earth and Environmental Engineering is at the center of many of the crucial issues of our time, and the department at Columbia's SEAS is home to some of the world's foremost authoritie...

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Goldman Sachs - The Renewable Energy Market

Published in: youtube > Joe DeLoach > renewable energy | Published on 25/Jun/2018 06:56

Goldman Sachs identifies the renewable energy market as a very worthwhile and promising investment opportunity.

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Genetic purging

Published in: wikipedia > english > Genetic purging | Published on 25/Jun/2018 05:28

Genetic purging is the reduction of the frequency of a deleterious allele occurred by an increased efficiency of natural selection that is prompted by inbreeding. Purging occurs because many deleterious alleles only express all their harmful effect in homozygosis. During inbreeding, as related individuals mate, they produce offspring that are more likely to be homozygous, so that these deleterious...[Read More]

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Rio's polluted waterways

Published in: youtube > CBC News: The National > pollution | Published on 25/Jun/2018 04:28

Helicopter overview with biologist Mario Moscatelli illustrates the extent of Olympic host city's water pollution Click here for the full story: ...

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Squad Ecology. Grupo de Investigación Ondas. Colegio José María Córdoba. Yu

Published in: facebook > group > recycling | Published on 25/Jun/2018 03:57

Esquad Ecology es un grupo de Investigación de Ciencias Naturales de la Institución Educativa José María Córdoba de Yumbo, adscrito al programa Ondas de Colciencias / Universidad del Valle. Su objetivo es crear conciencia y liderar procesos de educación ambiental al interior de la Institución.

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From a short name: This is a redirect from a title that is a shortened form of a person's full name, a book title or other more complete article title. Use this rcat (not {{R from initialism}}) to tag redirects that are the initials of a person's name.

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Earth Under Fire How Global Warming is Changing the World

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 25/Jun/2018 02:11

267 pages , Univ of California Press , 2009
Presents an illustrated guide to the effects of climate change and how to lessen the effects of the dependence on fossil fuels.

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Public Eye (Erklärung von Bern)

Published in: wikipedia > english > Public Eye (Erklärung von Bern) | Published on 25/Jun/2018 00:45

Public Eye – German: Erklärung von Bern; French: Déclartion de Berne; Italian: Dichiarazione di Bern; commonly shortened to EvB until September 2016 – is a sustainability-oriented, politically and religiously independent solidarity development non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland. Public Eye notably encourage Swiss politics and business to respect human rights and the environme...[Read More]

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Well, Coast Guard Of The Philippines Creates a New District

Published in: youtube > New Evolution Military > Environmental protection | Published on 25/Jun/2018 00:35

Well, Coast Guard Of The Philippines Creates a New District NEGROS ORIENTAL - Aside from traditional coastal care services that include survival and property, marine environmental protection,...

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ECO BUSINESS PARK 1 - Sustainable Change Starts Here

Published in: youtube > EcoWorld > environmental sustainability | Published on 25/Jun/2018 00:16

Eco Business Park 1 is Malaysia's first eco-industrial park. This clean and green industrial development offers all the essential features and amenities that cater to a range industries within...

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