The Ecology of Stress

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360 pages , Taylor & Francis , 1988

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Environmental protection and sustainability, Cleaning up our planet

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Environmental protection is at the core values of Profileglue. Promoting environmental awareness and keeping our planet clean and safe is one of our collective responsibility.

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Cash for Your Trash Scrap Recycling in America

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220 pages , Rutgers University Press , 2009
Over the past two decades, concern about the environment has brought with it a tremendous increase in recycling in the United States and around the world. For many, it has become not only a civic, but also a moral obligation. Long before our growing levels of waste became an environmental concern, however, recycling was a part ...[Read More]

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The Reciprocity Advantage A New Way to Partner for Innovation and Growth

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240 pages , Berrett-Koehler Publishers , 2014-09-15
"Bestselling author and renowned futurist Bob Johansen combines with business innovation guru Karl Ronn to produce a visionary book on the biggest innovation opportunity in history: giving away what you have to learn how to make money in new ways. They call it the reciprocity advantage"--

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Nature and Wildlife.. and ecology :)

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Help awareness about animals , wildlife, ecology

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Biodiversity and food

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Biodiversity provides high variety of food: crops, livestock, forestry, and fish, which are important food source of human species. A wide range of species provides many thousands of food products, such as, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, and food additives in form of food colourings, flavourings and preseratives, through agriculture and from the harvest of natural populations.

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